Down the Rabbit Hole: You have got to check out this underground cafe in Antipolo called Burrow Cafe

Burrow Cafe has always been my dream cafe to go to ever since I have known about it. I have told my friends about it, my family about it, and even my boyfriend about it hoping someone dear to me would actually want to go with me there as well. Now, I know I can go alone and be the strong, independent woman that I am, but I just really want to be able to enjoy such an amazing place with an amazing person or group.

And that is exactly what happened, because my What to Eat PH family was the one I have spent my lovely afternoon at Burrow Cafe with, so really, everything worked out in the end.

With this one not on our schedule and truly just spontaneous, I could say that my anticipation about it, my expectation, is as great as my reality of it.

The Burrow Cafe is such a serene dining space to be in, considering it is underground and being given warmth and clarity by mostly natural lighting, it really is close to nature that you can actually go out and be able to help clean a river just outside of it.

Other than a really lovely venue that would make you feel lighter, just like how it made me feel, the Burrow Cafe has a concise, but delectable food and beverage offering. With them, you will be able to delight in some appetizers, salads, all day breakfast and all day lunch ala carte meal, desserts, kids meals, and of course, hot and cod drinks.

As our visit here eat Burrow Cafe is actually a wing-it kind of thing (to the point we almost wasn’t able to go in because we didn’t have a reservation), what we actually had was a few of their desserts as we just finished eating some savories from our first scheduled restaurant feature.

We first had a bestseller of theirs, the Signature Cheesecake (Php 260) which almost everyone is raving about. This one is undeniably real creamy, cheesy, and oh so yummy which is no surprise because everyone that has tried it loved it as well.

Following that one is the chocolatey variant of it which is a favorite of many, too, and that is the Nutella Cheesecake (Php 260). If you are a choco lover like me, then this one is a sure win for you as well, no doubt!

While in the talks of chocolate, be sure to have a fill of Burrow Cafe’s Chocolate Ganache Cake (Php 230) because no joke, as in masks off, this one is such a heavenly piece of chocolate goodness that you won’t be able to forget.

And of course, being in the Philippines, it’s just right to have a dessert that is a homage to our motherland. The Crunchy Suman ala Mode (Php 160) is such a dream, especially this one is of fried sticky rice, with delectable ice cream, bits of oats, and caramel sauce.

Lastly, a great pair to their cakes which we got to try was one of their hot drinks, and that is their Moka Pot Latte (Php 140) that is sure filled with not only a punch, but definitely a kick of delicious energy in every sip.

After gobbling down everything that we have got, my high from Burrow Cafe has really hasn’t died down yet as every time I remember about our trip there, I couldn’t help but to have a huge smile on my face as if I have a hanger stuck in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all complaining. I’m just really glad that finally, a dream of mine has come true – regardless if some people think it is such a lame dream – so I am once again grateful to my What to Eat PH family!

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