Dylan’s Patisserie is here to make your self-indulgent dreams come true

With the passion to elevate life’s cherished moments through the kindness of gifting, Dylan’s Patisserie has a range of exquisite delicacies that are wonderful for celebrations and even self-indulgence. They pride themselves on crafting delightful treats made from the finest ingredients they could get their hands on and by using artisan techniques that showcase their authentic style. 

Dylan’s Patisserie 
Dylan’s Patisserie 
Dylan’s Patisserie 

From breads to pastries, from savory to sweet, Dylan’s Patisserie surely knows how to make their customers, including us, happy.  They have a hands down divine array of homemade cookies and macarons that would make you feel warm and mushy inside, as well as indulgent chocolates that would no doubt pamper your taste buds. On top of that, since cakes are their specialty, they actually have endless customization options that would be perfect for any occasion you have in mind! Regardless if you plan to have a regular cake or a bespoke 3D one, Dylan’s Patisserie has you covered! 

Ube Ensaymada
Salted Egg Ensaymada

As much as we were undeniably excited to dig into their cakes, we have decided to first tease ourselves with some of their freshly baked goodies that have certainly satisfied our cravings for savory goodness. Their Ube Ensaymada (Php 150) which is filled with ube paste and topped with a generous amount of cheese plus ube crumbs, as well as their Salted Egg Ensaymada (Php 180) which is also topped with a loaded amount of cheese and a slice of salted egg were both heavenly! A bite of each instantly assured us that we were in for a luscious journey. 

Ome (Filipino Egg Drop Brioche Sandwich)

We followed those with two more filling creations by Dylan’s Patisserie. Ome was their Filipino Egg Drop Brioche Sandwich and the other was their Lasagna. We loved the delicious contrast of crunch and softness that their Filipino Egg Drop Brioche Sandwich has, while we enjoyed the sauciness and cheesiness that their Lasagna has. Undeniably, we found these two scrumptious! 

De Hazelnut Praline Portion

After having a great time with a few of their savory options, we then moved onto their must-try cakes! First was their De Hazelnut Praline Portion (Php 210) which is no doubt in a league of its own. Delicate, well-balanced, rich, and velvety, we honestly could have stopped here, but then again, we knew we wanted—needed—more. 

Triple Chocolate Blossom Portion

Meanwhile, their Triple Chocolate Blossom Portion (Php 210) is a luscious combination of three types of chocolate, which you guys already know, we are all for! Dark chocolate sponge layered with crispy dark chocolate that was made even more decadent with milk? We have no anwser to that but “Yes, please!”, always. 

Ube Dulce De Leche Portion

Since we already had two chocolatey cakes, we then decided to try their Ube Dulce de Leche Portion (Php 210) next. This one is a classic Filipino favorite that had us absolutely going for another slice. Featuring a soft ube sponge cake with dulce de leche cream, and then generously covered with ube crumbs, of course we made sure to really take our time with this one. 

Tiramisu Portion

Once we were done with their Ube Dulce de Leche Cake, we then jumped right onto an energizing piece! Their Tiramisu Portion (Php 210) is made with homemade lady finger sponge, coffee syrup, and mascarpone cream. Positively, this delectable cake is perfect for when you need an energy boost that would not only set you up with a good mood, but also put a smile on your face. 

Nutty Nutella Portion

Last of the cakes we had was none other than their Nutty Nutella Portion (Php 210) which is a seductive combination of Nutella and Belgian chocolate! Truly, having this rich homemade chocolate sponge cake layered with Nutella mousse and chocolate crispy was like a dream we didn’t want to wake up from. 

Cafe Latte
Spanish Latte

Of course, to help us down all that lusciousness and goodness, Dylan’s Patisserie also served us a number of drinks. From their coffee selection we had their Americano (Php 110), Cafe Latte (Php 130), and Spanish Latte (Php 130). Other than those, we also got our hands on their Honey Ginger Lemon Tea (Php 105), Strawberry Iced Tea (Php 150), as well as Strawberry Milkshake (Php 250). These were absolutely magnificent thirst quenchers that paired well with the breads and pastries, pasta, and even cakes we had. 

Honey Ginger Lemon Tea
Strawberry Iced Tea
Strawberry Milkshake

Dylan’s Patisserie has so much more to offer! If you can’t decide which one to go for or you want a combination of your favorites, you might want to check out their exclusive range of gifting hampers. Their cakes and pastries are also available online so delivery is yet another option for you, if you still could not fit in your schedule dining in with them in Makati. 

Dylan’s Patisserie 
Dylan’s Patisserie 

Learn more about Dylan’s Patisserie and what you could get and indulge in from them by visiting their Social Media Pages. Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Website for more information.

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