Eat, Love, and Live with The Villamaria Kitchen

You know we had a great time with a certain food when we go for another round of it, but with The Villamaria Kitchen, we just honestly have more than just seconds with everything that is in their menu. We have talked about them a few years back, if you guys remember. The Villamaria Kitchen aims to create and provide unique meals that will bring comfort and satisfaction in every mouthful. 

Ma La Pata

This time around, we got another set of The Villamaria Kitchen’s scrumptious dishes. The first one being their Ma La Pata (Medium Php 850 | Large Php 900), a luscious pork dish that is just straight up tender and oh-so-flavorful. This dish is also great for sharing as it could definitely make three to four hungry bellies full. 

Pork Ma La BBQ
Pork Ma La BBQ

As we really got hooked with their Ma La Pata, we decided to extend this amazing pork time we are having. Next we reached for was their Pork Ma La BBQ which was absolutely munch-worthy! You guys know how much we enjoy getting handsy with our food, and this delicious Pork Ma La BBQ that comes in eight sticks definitely did not disappoint! 

Chicken and Pork Ma La Noodles
Chicken and Pork Ma La Noodles

Since we really loved their Sichuan Style Stir Fry Ma La last time, we now opted for one of their noodles dishes again. Their Chicken and Pork Ma La Noodles was hands down slurptastic! Our expectations of it was not only met, but surpassed. Truly a dish that can turn a good time into a great one, especially because this one is sharable too. In fact, three to four people could enjoy this dish alongside drinks, laughters, and of course, stories! 

Indeed, the people behind The Villamaria Kitchen did more than just a good job! However, who are the people behind The Villamaria Kitchen, after all? Well, they are actually the amazing Sarenas couple. They started The Villamaria Kitchen at the start of the pandemic when they were actually supposed to be enjoying their honeymoon. With the lockdown being enforced, Froilan Sarenas II decided to introduce his passion for enjoying Ma La and even added his own pinoy signature twist to it. Together with his wife, Tanya Sarenas, they turned The Villamaria Kitchen to what it is now! 

Tanya Sarenas said, “Owning your own start up is intense. A rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. Passion fuels you everyday. Happy clients inspire. The Villamaria Kitchen clients are now the boss. The joys of entrepreneurship include seeing your strategy work, getting positive feedback about your products and service, plus continuously innovating products and processes—these outweigh any problem. After a hard day’s work comes an immense feeling of accomplishment.”. This just goes to show how hardworking and steadfast the Sarenas couple is. To be able to build The Villamaria Kitchen was truly no easy feat, but here they are conquering every obstacle they face triumphantly. 

The Sarenas couple believes that waking up each day doing what you love is the best way to live, and so here they are doing exactly that with The Villamaria Kitchen. Feel the love that the Sarenas couple has by trying out their creations! Know more about The Villamaria Kitchen by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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