Eat up familiar food made special, paired with delicious and fun drinks here at Club Balai Isabel’s Terraza Restaurant!

Such a go-go for beaches? Batangas is the place to be! There is no denying that Batangas has tons of beach resorts – popular ones and even hidden gems – but then again, not everyone is a fan of sand and so the beach may be a bit of a bummer for some, right?

Well, do not fret if you are a non-beach fan as Batangas is still the place to be for when you feel like dipping in the pool, because Club Balai Isabel is here for you! Ready for some sand in your hair and the sea breeze in your face? They got that! Totally in love with relaxing, gorgeous pools that are not crowded? They have more than one plus a kiddie pool for the young ones!

But hold up, because Club Balai Isabel also has a restaurant by one of their pools and that is their Terraza Restaurant which will delight you with rustic, homey feels. With wooden furniture and classic Pinoy dishes, surely, this one would get you comfy and cozy – perfect vibe for all the munchie.

Bulalo (Php 550)

That being said, tease your taste buds with a hearty soup or stew of theirs; and with that, Club Balai Isabel may not be in Tagaytay, but Batangas is just a few minutes away from it, so better try out Terraza Restaurant’s Bulalo (Php 550) which is Batangas traditional slow simmered beef shank with marrow and local vegetables. Not only is this dish delicious, but also this one is great for sharing as this is good for three to four hungry tummies.

Balai Bagnet (Php 360)

Speaking of hungry tummies, if you still could hear it throwing a tantrum, then better check out their selection of pork dishes because their Crispy Pata (Php 460) which is of crispy and tender deep-fried pork legs with their special vinegar dipping sauce as well as their Balai Bagnet (Php 360) which is of crispy deep-fried pork belly served with local salsa and bagoong are both just delectably waiting for you.

Following that are more of their fried and grilled offering which no doubt will bring your palate to not only a lovely presentation to drool over, but a yummy one to taste and to eat, nonetheless, such as their Chicken Inasal (Php 270 | Fried Php 260) and their Pinalipad na Tilapia (Php 200).

Berrylicious (Php 160)

Terraza Restaurant isn’t only serving meals for you, though, as they also have a bar for people who are looking for more fun moments to cherish, especially at night. Grab yourself some glasses of their Smoothies if you are easing your way into their drinks. Their Berrylicious (Php 160) which is of strawberry, blueberry, milk, and whipped cream as well as their Frosty Mochaccino (Php 150) which is of coffee, milk, meringue, chocolate, and cinnamon are both must-tries we really took pleasure in.

Isabel Lagoon Margarita (Php 220)
Isabel Sunset (Php 22)

And of course, if you are on the hunt for more kisses of pleasure, they have a bunch of cocktails you could choose. From their Isabel’s House Cocktails selection, you absolutely will love their Isabel Lagoon Margarita (Php 220) which is of tequila, blue curacao, sweet and sour mix, and pineapple juice is their favorite recipe in creating a fruity drink; while their Isabel Sunset (Php 220) which is of dark rum, amaretto, sour mix, and grenadine is actually Balai’s signature cocktail.

Terraza Restaurant truly knows their game as they are serving dishes that are as tempting to look at as it is tasty to not just eat up, but to actually devour, paired with drinks concocted meticulously promising a really rejuvenating meal time that would have you pumped up with energy for Club Balai Isabel’s water activities and so much more!

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Address: Club Balai Isabel, Talisay, Lipa, Batangas, Philippines

Contact Number: (043) 773 0004

Hours of Operation: Always Open

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