Eat with so much gusto with Carne Gusto

Oh, we know what you would eat with such gusto. You do not have to tell us twice because we have heard your pleas, we have seen your eyes sparkle, and we know of your mouth watering whenever this is served on your table: Meat. If we got you being a meat lover right, then today, you are definitely in for a treat, because we have you a meat haven of some sort.

Carne Gusto is a premium meat deli that you will truly treat with so much gusto. Sausages, beef, pork — Carne Gusto has all of those and all you have to do is choose whatever you prefer to indulge in. Their Menu is categorizdd into two selections and these are Premium Sausages and Premium Delights.

Their Premium Sausages selection includes four different sausages for you to enjoy, but if you want what we had, then we suggest you go for their Hungarian Sausage (Php 260). This one is perfect for when you want a heavy sausage sandwich, but of course, you can also have it as is or with rice.

Meanwhile, for their Premium Delights selection, their Beef Tapa (Php 280) and their Smoked Bacon (Php 320) are two delicious options you could have just like we did. These two meats will bring so much flavor to your breakfast table which we think is a splendid way to start any day, may it a working day or a rest day.

If you want to find out more of what you could have from Carne Gusto, then all you have to do is check them out on Facebook and Instagram. No need for you to go out. Just order in, stay at home, and stay safe.

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