Eats Tart With U: This is where your cravings will start, so heads up!

Don’t even dare blame us for your cravings, because we have nothing to do with that. It’s not like we have been posting drool-worthy food photos all day, everyday, right? Just kidding! We know how much we make you crave, so heads up, we got something you probably will end up craving for too.

Eats Tart With U will have your mouth watering and indulging with their oh-so-creamy Egg Tarts! Their Egg Tarts come in Classic, Cheesy, and Ube. They even have Ube Halaya Minis up for grabs too! Perfect for when you want something to snack on while doing some work tasks or school requirements.

Enjoy some straightforward Egg Tart goodness with their Classic Egg Tart which you can take home for only Php 230. Want a cheesy turn of events? Snatch their Cheese Egg Tarts on your way for just Php 240. These two Egg Tart variants are absolutely delicious and would have you satisfied and at the same time leave you wanting for more.

You can also delight in their Ube Egg Tarts! This one will have you crazy even with just one bite, we are telling you. Eats Tart With U has some Ube Halaya Minis too which you can avail for only Php 290. Truly, hearty and yummy to have while you are doing anything or nothing, and whenever you feel like having it.

Know more about Eats Tart With U by checking them out on Facebook and Instagram. Do check out their Sampler Box which you you can get for Php 380.

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