Eden Kicks Off #GiveGoodness on World Pandesal Day

Eden recently successfully kicked off their #GiveGoodness campaign at the World Pan de Sal Day. The event took place at the Kamuning Bakery Café, where the brand participated in giving away hundreds of Eden goodie bags to all the guests and the community together with the 50,000 pieces of pan de Sal breads.

Eden #GiveGoodness at World Pan de Sal Day 1

Can the common, traditional pan de Sal spark conversations on helping shed light on hunger alleviation as well as heritage preservation? Eden thinks so as it joins World Pan de Sal Day this year.

Eden #GiveGoodness at World Pan de Sal Day 2

World Pan de Sal Day falls on 16 October, which is actually World Bread Day. As a tribute to Filipinos’ daily bread, World Pan de Sal Day was launched in 2015 by the heritage and artisanal Kamuning Bakery Café, famous for its breads cooked in a traditional pugon or stone oven. Although destroyed by fire last February 2018, the 79-year-old neighborhood bakery will have its partial reopening also on 16 October 2018.


Caitlin Punzalan, Raffy Baradas, Anna Sapitan, Katrina Suarez, Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, Wilson Lee Flores, Atty. Felipe Gozon

As a kick-off to its #givegoodness campaign, Eden joins in the giving as the sole sponsor of cheese bread fill that will be partnered with the 50,000 pieces of pan de sal that will be prepared and given on that day to some of Metro Manila’s urban poor families, Quezon City residents, public school teachers and students, and others.

Living out its mission, Eden and its #givegoodness progam will motivate communities to give goodness because Eden is all about bringing families and people together.

Katrina Suarez, Anna Sapitan, Wilson Lee Flores, Raffy Baradas

World Pan de Sal Day actually showcases how countless Filipinos start their day with creamy, rich cheese paired with hot pan de sal.  It’s an iconic pairing that is part of most Filipinos’ lives. It’s part and parcel of our food heritage as Pinoys. Anna Sapitan is the Category Manager for Meals of Mondelez Philippines, the maker of Eden Cheese. Sapitan says of the event  “Just like Kamuning Bakery Café, we believe that serving Pan de Sal with Cheese in the morning is very iconic and a long-standing Filipino tradition, and very much part of our culture. Furthermore, a serving of Pan de Sal with cheese is not only affordable for Filipino families but also helps provide much-needed energy, vitamins, and minerals for our consumers. It’s also a convenient breakfast, easy to prepare and full of goodness for Filipinos’ increasingly busy lives.”

Kamuning Bakery Cafe Owner - Wilson Lee Flores

Wilson Lee Flores, owner of Kamuning Bakery Café, considers “World Pan de Sal Day as a unique socio-civic and cultural endeavor to highlight the importance of the Philippines’ humble yet popular pan de sal bread, and to underscore the importance of all of us helping solve the age-old problem of hunger.”

Eden proudly supports this undertaking as it is not only about helping the local community but also symbolizes its commitment to the collective purpose of paying goodness forward.

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