El Cocinero by Chef Arnaldo: A taste of authentic Ibizan cuisine in Manila

Imagine a wonderful day in Spain, and you’re staying in a beautiful home in Ibiza, and you probably have these lists of where-to-go’s, what-to-try’s, and what-to-eat. If you are a traveling foodie, you try different cuisine from around the world and experience their food culture first-hand. Well, let’s admit it, our every day budget cannot afford different places, especially Spain. But that’s what Chef Arnaldo is here for.

El Cocinero is not new with our taste anymore. Their first branch in Nasugbu, Batangas is widely known, and if I’m not mistaken, their most-visited branch is the one in Tagaytay. Well, no need for a long drive. El Cocinero just opened another branch in Molito, Alabang, and it’s actually a franchise. Yes, they are open for franchising!

Just like their branch in Tagaytay, El Cocinero in Molito displays and offers Mediterranean concept and Spanish styles – thanks to the 14-year stay of Chef Arnaldo in Ibiza, Spain! He even became an on-call chef of rich families of Punta Fuego. Still in doubt? Experience authentic Ibizan food, a traditional yet modern Spanish cuisine served here in Manila!



We at What To Eat got to try some of their best-selling paellas and of course, the Paella Negra (seafood and price cooked in squid ink) and they were, still, on our top choices when it comes to foreign cuisine. Other than their famous dishes, we also got to try the following:


El Cocinero Pizza. Their version of this pizza is undeniably good – crispy thin crust, topped with greens and aioli sauce.


Bullit De Peix. Lapu Lapu with steamed potato. A traditional Ibizan fish stew.


Jamon Serrano Croquetas and Cheese Croquetas.


Greixonera Ibicenca. Spanish pudding. – They really did the pudding right with its creamy and milky texture.

If you are a fan of unique dishes, you should try Fideua Negra, a pasta version of paella negra. Aside from the dishes mentioned above, they also boasts Somillo de Ternara (beef tenderloin steak), Solomillo de Cerdo ala Plancha (grilled pork tenderloin), and Cochinillo available for advance order, good for 8-10 persons.


Aside from their wonderfully cooked food, El Cocinero claims they are the only restaurant offering Herbas Ibicencas – an herbal wine with star anise branch. It’s actually imported straight from Ibiza. And there also is a house-blend Sangria for Sangria lovers.



Since they serve freshly-cooked dishes, expect 20-30 minutes waiting time, or maybe more. But don’t get bored and “hangry”, as they serve home-made bread with the different sauces while waiting. They also will give you cucumber lemonade as welcome drink. So homey, right? Plus, whatever you ordered, it’s worth the wait!

El Cocinero is actually a good dining place for family and friends. It is best recommended for family gatherings, small events, and intimate get-together with your loved ones. They can actually accommodate max of 40 pax! Visit El Cocinero anytime between 11am to 10pm or book for private catering and experience Spain first-hand!

The newest branch of El Cocinero is located at the Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. View their full menu on Zomato (El Cocinero by Chef Arnaldo), and follow them on IG (@elcocinero.molito) and Facebook (El Cocinero Molito) for more details and updates!

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