El Fresco Food Park: Where New and Fresh Meets Music and Good Food!

When it comes to food parks that are popping out here and there, surely, everyone will be choosy enough where to spend their time and money on. They are literally everywhere and the thrill and excitement of trying one out is just not there anymore. Good thing there is one down in Project 8 of Quezon City that will be sure to pique your interest again on Food Parks.

El Fresco Food Park which was inspired by the concept of being fresh, entices their customers with a fresh and whole new meaning to dining. They offer wide variety of dishes, drinks, great atmosphere and good music.

El Fresco offers everyone most of their comfort food at a very friendly price points.  You won’t need to wait for payday or save a lot in order to experience a great meal at this food park.

What makes them attract customers is the fact that they have this clean, organized and minimalistic design and interiors. In simpler terms, very straight forward and easy on the eyes.

When it comes to music, you will be serenaded by an acoustic singer on an outdoor setting, what more could you ask for?  Come Fridays and Saturdays and there are live performances of bands and soloists.

Alright, so for the most interesting part, let’s dive into food. El Fresco has a total of 12 different stalls with diverse food offerings and a bar for your drinking needs. We were very lucky to try 9 of the food stalls and below are the must try dishes.

    1. OmuraDSC_2940aKorean Beef OmuriceDSC_2941Smoked Fish OmuriceDSC_2943Arroz ala Cabana Omurice
    1. 2. Taka RamenDSC_3017Miso Ramen
    2. DSC_3022Tantanmen
    3. DSC_3023Takoyaki
    4. DSC_3029Gyoza
    1. 3. Tito Bigs
    2. DSC_2965Chicharon Bulaklak
    3. DSC_2967aStreet food Platter
    4. DSC_3008Sizzling Sisig
    1.  4. Bratz Grilled Burger
    2. DSC_2961aBacon Mushroom Burger
    3. DSC_9220Angry Bacon BurgerDSC_9224Bratz Burger
    1.  5. Black Iron Grill
    2. DSC_2968T-Bone Steak
    3. DSC_2993Chicken Fried Steak
    1. 6. Bacon Club
    2. DSC_2982Nachos
    3. DSC_2987Bacon Roses
    1.  7. Miyagi’s Tepppanyaki HouseDSC_2948
    2.  Kani Ebi RollDSC_2952aTonkatsu Rice
    3. DSC_2954Tori Katsudon
    1. 8. FastazeeDSC_2974All Meat Pizza
    2. DSC_2977aPepperoni Pizza
    3. DSC_2979aLasagna
    1. 9.Eats a WrapDSC_2944aShawarma Rice
    2. DSC_2958Shawarma Wrap


Facebook: El Fresco Food Park

Instagram: El Fresco Food Park

El Fresco Food Park

Address: 29 Shorthorn St. Brgy Bahay Toro Project 8 Quezon City
Contact Number: 0906 257 4257
Hours of Operation: Tues-Thurs 4pm-12mn, Fri-Sun 4pm-1am

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