El Nido Coco Resort offers breakfast the whole day!

El Nido Coco Resort is a sanctuary. It is perfect for dwellers that love to surround themselves with trees, the beach, and who are just so in love with peace. This resort sure is also a haven for tired souls, for escapists, and for people who just want to take or maybe even in need of a break from all the noise and rush that circumstances seem to have pressured them into.

And so, with El Nido Coco Resort really emanating the laid-back vibes, they are offering their guests free breakfast for when they stay with them. Their guests could avail of the breakfast from 8AM to 10PM, because not all people is a morning person and sometimes those people want to have breakfast way past breakfast time.

American Breakfast

With that, El Nido Coco Resort Restaurant actually has a variety of breakfast plates that would undeniably satisfy the hungry tummies of their guests. Their American Breakfast (Php 350) is a plate of bacon, bread slices, butter, and jam, egg which the guest has the choice on how it is cooked.

Filipino Breakfast – Tocino

From an American kind of breakfast, guests could have a fare of Filipino Breakfast choices such as their Tocino which is of thick-cut pork meat that has both sweet and salty tones with a side of veggies and of course rice.

Filipino Breakfast – Beef Tapa

Meanwhile another Pinoy fave that guests usually go for is none other than their Beef Tapa. This one is tender and tasty and tastes even more good with spicy vinegar.

Aside from those savory plates, El Nido Coco Resort Resaurant also serves a plate of seasonal fruits as a healthy kickstarter or maybe even a sweet ender. Either way, these ones are served fresh and delectable, especially if the guests are fruit lovers.

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Contact Information

Contact Number: +639195877569

Address: Corong Corong Beach, 5313 El Nido, Palawan

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