El Nido Moringa Resort: A modern paradise ready to take you in

If you are more of a modern paradise kind of person, then El Nido Moringa Resort sure is the place you have to be in, because there is no doubt that is the place you will surely fit in! Here you will be able to delight lovong calmly, surrounded by a refreshing abundance of greeneries, alongside beauty of the natural environment, beach, and pool.

With 19 spacious and stylish rooms, El Nido Moringa Resort is definitely a luxurious hotel that has been designed for ultimate comfort with a touch of classic materials and modernity. Their pool even exudes a minimalistic and at the same time creative style. Surrounded by lounges, guests could take a dip in the pool and go sunbathing. Smacked in the middle of the pool is a simple and adorable gazebo that guests could take a shade in. Plus, it is perfect to take pictures in, too!

The pool isn’t the only spot that guests could go relax in as El Nido Moringa Resort also has an in-house restaurant just a few inches away from their pool. This open plan restaurant is highlighting the sumptuous cuisine that is French, so if you haven’t gotten a taste of that, this one is really the perfect place for you!

Indeed, El Nido Moringa Resort Restaurant is not only a haven for your tired soul and bones, as it is also a place your taste buds and tummy will surely love! Here you could indulge in a variance of hors d’oeuvres and starters, main dishes, pastas, and of course, cocktails! Stay-in guests could also avail their breakfast plate any time during the day, from 8AM to 10PM, as the resort actually encourages their guests to sleep in and really not bother with their alarm.

For an absolute pamper time, you could also go check out the traditional massages they are offering as they are using organic products and their massage therapists are very much knowledgeable, too, with hands that could really soothe away your stressed physique.

However, if you are up for an adventure, just inquire at their front desk about the tours they are offering wherein you will not only get to explore lagoons, but also be able to swim in beaches, and snorkel, and be one with different types of fish!  

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Contact Information

Contact Number: +639995373006

Email Address: moringa.resort@gmail.com

Address: Barangay Corong Corong, 5313 El Nido, Palawan

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