Enjoy more fun, refreshing moments with Tang Half Litro Pack!

Filipinos like to enjoy happy moments with our loved ones. Whether it’s having simple bonding activities like sharing a snack or merienda, we’re always sure to find fun and refreshing ways to cool down and enjoy the day! An ice-cold pitcher of a fruit drink is always great to share with family and loved ones during these little, yet precious moments.

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That’s why Tang, the country’s well-loved drink, now offers more affordable options for a variety of occasions. In addition to the Litro Pack, Tang now comes in budget-friendly Half Litro packs, priced at only Php 9.25! Thanks to the Tang Half Litro packs, you can have two glasses of zesty, refreshing goodness more often!

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While the Tang Litro Pack is perfect for family gatherings, meals, and even parties, the Half Litro pack gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy refreshing goodness any day, any time! The Tang Half Litro pack is great for quenching thirst during snack time or those ordinary family bonding or kulitan sessions. Whether it’s enjoying a cold glass of Tang on a fun afternoon activity or taking a sip of zesty fruity goodness as a reward for a job well done, the Half Litro pack is a great way to refresh! The Tang Half Litro Pack comes in three exciting, thirst quenching flavors Filipinos love and enjoy: Orange, Pineapple, and Dalandan.

Tang 500 mL Orange

Tang 500 mL Pineapple

Tang 500 mL Dalandan

Tang Orange is a classic flavor many have come to love. Its tangy goodness is a sure crowd-pleaser. Tang Pineapple is delicious with a distinctly crisp, tropical twist. For those who’d like to enjoy a natural flavor from the Philippine islands, Tang Dalandan is an amazing option! No matter who you are, there’s a Tang flavor for you! Tang Half Litro packs can definitely give you more by offering many delicious options for each day!

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