Enjoy your KDrama binging sessions even more with Ms. Kimbap

Almost as year into quarantine and you are either all caught up with your KDrama list or you are missing eat-all-you can samgyup moments with family and friends — or maybe both resonate with you. Either way, you know how much Korean food just makes you want to lick the screen of your phone or whatever device you are watching on. They really just have that on you, right? They are drool-worthy and cravings-instensifier (if that is even a word!).

Don’t you just wish that you are also munching on some Korean delicacies and snacks while your idols are having the time of their lives? If you answered yes, then say hello or rather “Annyeong!” to Ms. Kimbap.

Ms. Kimbap is your source of homemade Korean favorites and all you have to do is wait for it to arrive at your doorstep! It is just that easy. No more trying to check if you have drool running on your chin from time to time and no more wiping of tears because you are wishing you are not stuck at home with nothing to munch on. Truly, Ms. Kimbap has your back, because with them, you will be able to get your chopsticks on fishcake, kimbap, and even bulgogi.

Their Kimbap comes in two filling variants which are the Classic Kimbap (Php 140) and the Bulgogi Kimbap (Php 155). Their Classic Kimbap is of Korean Ham and Crabs, while their Bulgogi Kimbap is of Korean Marinated Beef. Both of these snacks come with their complementary secret sauce which makes the whole Ms. Kimbap experience even better!

For their Fish Cake, this one comes in two generous sizes which are 150 Grams (Php 85) as well as 250 Grams (Php 135). This one is such an easy favorite that you won’t even notice that you have emptied your tub in just a short span of time.

Other than those yummies, Ms. Kimbap also has Bulgogi Rice Bowl and their offering of 40 pieces and 50 pieces of Kimbap Bites which are great for when you want to have a Kimbap Party! Indeed, you are so going to enjoy more of your KDrama sessions with Ms. Kimbap, so go check out their Facebook and Instagram Pages now for more details.

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