Everyday is a feast with Papang’s!

There is no denying that we do love a success story, especially one in the food scene. As much as food is essential, it is not actually easy-peasy to maintain a food business; and so when we heard Papang’s had finally opened their first ever physical store in Antipolo, we did not think twice about taking a long drive and dining with them. We are telling you, they are worth it!


Papang’s actually started as an online store offering their much loved Homestyle Lechon Belly in the first quarter of this year. People really welcomed their Homestyle Lechon Belly with more than just a warm embrace and so Papang’s can now be visited, as we have mentioned, in Antipolo and is also now, actually, offering more. Isn’t that amazing?

Sizzling Tofu
Classic Lechon Sisig

Well, if you are ready, then you better sit down with your spoon and fork in hand because we are starting with Papang’s Sizzling Tofu (Php 289) which is a loaded serving of tofu sisig in cast iron skillet with green chilis; plus Papang’s Classic Lechon Sisig (Php 349) which is minced lechon sisig in a cast iron skillet with sunny side up egg, chilis, and calamansi! These two will have you delighted in every mouthful as you feast on them.

Sweet & Spicy Chicken
Sweet & Spicy Chicken

Besides those two, Papang’s also now has a few chicken dishes ready to be snatched and munched on. Their Sweet & Spicy Chicken (Php 299) which is a generous serving of quarter leg chicken cuts glazed with sweet & spicy chicken with bell peppers; and Salt & Pepper Chicken (Php 299) which is a drool-worthy plate of quarter leg chicken cuts made tasty with salt and pepper are both delicious! You surely will love how straightforward and yet flavorful and crunchy these two dishes are.

Papang’s Sisig Rice
Pancit Canton

While you are gobbling down on those mains, do know that Papang’s can also carb things up for you. They have Papang’s Sisig Rice (Php 499) which is a plateful of heavenly sisig rice topped with strips of scrambled egg; as well as Pancit Canton (Php 339) which is a full plate of pancit canton loaded with fresh vegetables and lechon belly cuts. Believe us, these plates will have you professing your love for Papang’s faster than you can even say Papang’s!

If you are thinking of having a break from all those meaty dishes, then worry no more because Papang’s got you covered! Their Ensaladang Talong (Php 149) is everything you want and need. This is a tasty and refreshig serving of ensaladang talong topped with chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and slices of red egg. Just the perfect palate cleanser, if you know what we mean.

Homestyle Fried Chicken

All these dishes are certainly good for sharing so you can call all your loved ones and just have a fiesta of some sort here at Papang’s. However, if you are flying solo, then we suggest you check out their Solo selection as their Homestyle Fried Chicken (Php 169) is an absolute winner! A plateful of quarter chicken served with rice and fresh vegetables? You will be finishing this whole plate in a matter of minutes, we are telling you! It’s that good!

Homestyle Lechon Belly

Of course, don’t you dare leave Papang’s without trying out their star dish, their Lechon Belly which can also be shared with friends and family. Its 1/2 Kilo is already good for 3 to 4 pax and is just priced at Php 599. Such a steal, right? For just Php 599, you will be able to indulge in Papang’s Homestyle Lechon Belly and it is even served with spiced vinegar which will make it even tastier!


Papang’s believe that everything starts at home and so here they are sharing their home’s best creations with you. On top of that, they even have a lot of surprises up their sleeve so you better watch out for that too.


Know more about Papang’s and the bistro x dining experience like no other they are offering by dining with them here at Antipolo or checking them out on their Facebook and Instagram.

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