Everything but Cheese is a cheesy wonderland!

Calling all cheese lovers out there! Everything but Cheese is the cheese haven you all have been looking for, because they are not only the first cheese concept, quick-service restaurant in the Philippines, but also they have 26 stores around the metro, ready to welcome you and give you a cheesy feast! They are, after all, #TheCheesiestPlaceOnEarth!

Double Trouble Cheese Fondue

Inspired by the different cheeses from different countries, Everything but Cheese actually started as a humble food stall in Sta. Ana, Manila offering cheesy goodies to brighten their diners’ days. That said, alongside their growing community, Everything but Cheese is now even more dedicated in keeping their unwavering commitment to not only introduce, but also produce and serve a wide range of specialty and innovative cheeses. 

Recently, we found ourselves getting wrapped in their cheesy bliss in one of their newly opened stores, and let us tell you, we really had a wonderful cheesy time with them! Everything but Cheese actually came swinging big right at us as they served us their limited time offering Double Trouble Fondue

Double Trouble Cheese Fondue

Available only from July 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023, we got to dig into a load of cheesified munch-worthy items as their Double Trouble Cheese Fondue comes with onion rings, nachos, french fries, chicken poppers, and bread bowl with double cheddar cheese sauce, monterey jack cheese, topped with strawberry glazed bacon. It was just so irresistible!

5-Cheese Overload Grilled Cheese

Next from that was their 5-Cheese Overload Grilled Cheese. This is a hearty serving of grilled wheat bread filled with five different kinds of cheeses including mozzarella cheese, colby jack cheese, pepper jack cheese, and double cheddar cheese. Every bite is an absolute flavor-bomb!

Cheddar Beef Burger

Another cheesy dish we got to gobble down that was oozing with flavor is none other than their Cheddar Beef Burger! Sinking our teeth into its thick and tasty grilled beef patty also gave us a good mouthful of melted cheese and creamy double cheddar cheese sauce every time.

Since we are already in cheese paradise, aka Everything but Cheese, we made sure to get a hold of their 4-Cheese Mac n’ Cheese too. Mac n’ Cheese is just one of our fave pastas, that’s why.

4-Cheese Mac n’ Cheese

Anyway, Everything but Cheese’s 4-Cheese Mac n’ Cheese is an oh-so-scrumptious plate of al dente macaroni in double cheddar cheese sauce, topped with colby jack and melted cheese, bacon bits, parmesan, and dried parsley, plus served with two slices of garlic bread. This is honestly a dream-come-true for us, frankly speaking. 

Vanilla Vanilla Crumble Ice Cream and Quezo Overload Ice Cream

Other than those, we also got to call dibs on a few of their Cheesekada Bundles as well as their new cheesy desserts. Their Quezo Overload Ice Cream and Vanilla Vanilla Crumble Ice Cream were absolutely delectable!

Everything but Cheese is no doubt a cheese wonderland! Have the cheesiest time with them by dining in one of their stores. For more information, visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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