Expand your horizon from north to south by bringing your palate to Latitude at Hotel Jen by Shangri-La

Losing the suit of formality and changing in the robe of comfort, Latitude is an all day and night dining experience offering a wide variety of not only Asian, but also International buffet selections and a la carte menus. With bright lights and comfy chairs, one would really get cozy while enjoying their time with the company of food, of a person, or even of both.






Situated on the ground floor of Hotel Jen, Latitude exudes simplicity and sophistication with their food selection at the center of the restaurant providing its diners easy access for what they came here for. With trays of food neatly arranged just near, here are some of the splendid dishes we got to try and we are vouching for.


Let us start by diving into the sea by having some seafood on our plate and in our mouth. Latitude’s Tempura is plump and fresh shrimp meat, coated with crispy breading. This one is a Japanese dish which is a comfort food of many – including us!


Next is Baby Back Ribs; oozing with thick, rich sauce that is bursting with flavors, this dish is just so heavenly, even making us go back to the food selection for another serving of it. Tender, easy to chew meat that is downright delicious is always a combination we find so hard to say no to.


For another surprise, Latitude’s Australian Lamb Rack is something you should not miss out on. Succulent lamb shanks that almost easily fall off from its bone – it is like a melt-in-your-mouth soft exploration of flavorful lamb meat.

If having all those scrumptious dishes is just not enough, then go dig in for some platter adventure as we are to give you three – Mussels Platter, Seafood Platter, and Mediterranean Platter.


The Mussels Platter has a presentation like no other. With mussels’ taste described as the chicken of the sea, we would like to apologize as we have to disagree. Mussels are soft in texture and have a tender chewiness to them with subtle salty taste as if you are having a taste of the sea itself.

For when you want to taste more of the sea, the Seafood Platter is just waiting for you. With different mouthwatering, lip-smacking goodness in each and every type of seafood sporting its own unique freshness and flavor, it would be a mistake not to have this.



Meanwhile, for a different kind of platter, but still a delightful and delectable one, try out Latitude’s Mediterranean Platter because you either go big, or go home with this one. Mostly a variety of healthy goodness, the Mediterranean Platter is surely a feast of nutritious and delicious mishmash of just yum!


Staying on the healthy lane, give yourself some sugar and love by having some fresh fruits of your choice. Bursting with flavors that are sour and sweet, with textures such as soft and crispy, these fruits from Latitude will give you the boost in life that you need.

Food is a reason for living, but Buffet is just what might be our reason for keeping our sanity. And thanks to Latitude at Hotel Jen as we have once again made it through another day. Dining in at Latitude is no doubt an experience one should try and enjoy, especially if you are staying at Hotel Jen or near the area.

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