Experience authentic Taiwanese Hotpot only at Red House Hotpot

Labeling and priding themselves as an expert with more than 10 branches in the Philippines, Red House Hotpot turned their years of research and experimentation into what they are now—an authentic Taiwanese Hotpot that aims to offer not only delicious, but also healthy meals containing a balance of protein, vitamins, and a ton of nutrients coming from the freshest ingredients they could get their hands on. Clearly, they are the perfect choice if you are for maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Red House Hotpot
Sauce Bar

By only using premium quality meats, a variety of live seafood from their well-maintained tanks, and a Sauce Bar with 10 spices and condiments that provides the flexibility to create a one-of-a-kind dipping sauce in accordance to your preference, Red House Hotpot ensures that freshness and an amazing hotpot experience is guaranteed every time you dine with them! Surely, they are a wow-worthy establishment, right?

Seafood Platter
Pork Loin Meat
Beef Premium
Vegetable Platter

Red House Hotpot has a lot of sumptuous and must-try dishes for their hotpot and we would totally understand if you get overwhelmed or confused on what to go for, so sit back and just look at how we went with ours. For our hotpot, we decided to have Red House Hotpot’s Seafood Platter, Pork Loin Meat, Beef Premium, Beef Supreme, Vegetable Platter, and Meatballs Platter.

Red House Hotpot

These ones are undeniably appetizing and satisfying. Believe us when we say that our cravings were more than gratified as each of these really made our hotpot tastier and more filling than we expected it would. We are not even kidding, we had to take a pause for a few minutes to be able to have the other Red House Hotpot dishes we decided to have as well. 

Fried Shrimp
Taiwanese Sausage
Mau Pau Tofu

Other than the ultimate hotpot experience, Red House Hotpot also offers an array of delicious ala carte dishes that you should not miss out on. Their Fried Shrimp (Php 350), Taiwan Sausage (Php 260), and Mau Pau Tofu (Php 360) were all a delight to have. Each one provided us with its distinct savory experience and we could not wait for you to try them as well!

Besides those, we also got ourselves a serving of their Fried Vegetables (Php 200) to balance out all the meat and seafood we were having. Plus, we also got Red House Hotpot’s Garlic Pork Fried Rice (Php 260) since we just cannot not have rice on our table, if you know what we mean. We also downed all this Red House Hotpot goodness with their revitalizing Iced Tea (Php 80).

Red House Hotpot

Certainly, our Red House Hotpot experience was a blast! Their ambiance was inviting and warm and so we were definitely comfortable and at home while we were there. Have the time of your life with Red House Hotpot just like we did by dining with them soon. You can also check out their Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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