Experience food and drinks that is of a yummy score of 10 only at Ebi 10

If you are in Poblacion looking for something unique other than the usual night life you go for, there is this gem in that lively, colorful street that is sure to get your cravings for some Japanese quick bites more than satisfied! Everyone having to discover this place tell they have a wonderful experience and that is exactly what Ebi 10 has to offer.

With a nice cozy place that is great for chit-chats and great memories to make that are great to come back to, Ebi 10 has a menu filled with tempura, rolls & sashimi, salads, rice & soba, some tonkatsu, dessert, and of course, drinks which would all go great together.

Ebi 10’s Small Shrimps are not actually small as they are of decent size, while for its taste, it has a tad bit sweetness to it that makes the dish extra delightful.


While for the Jumbo Prawn, it definitely is living up to its name as it is far from being a stretched small shrimp and with it being a tempura, the crunchy exterior is just wonderful.


Up next is a dish surely worth more than just a try as each bite is a lovely blend of sweet and ocean flavor. The Scallop Corn is a lovely dish that is one of the many splendid ways to start an awesome Ebi 10 dining experience.


Another appetizer that is great is the Stuffed Mushroom especially if a texture-filled dish is the kind of food you enjoy as this one is filled with minced pork which makes it really yummy.


All that and everything that is to come is an awesome pairing as this one is sure a table staple in every Filipino home, but this one of course is of Japanese cuisine. The Tori Chahan is a bowl of rice great for sharing, but if you have big appetite, then by all means, finish it.


Following that is the Scallop Dynamite Roll that is not only plated beautifully, but taste absolutely delicious as well, especially it has that punch of spice that would make you crave more for some delectable adventure.


And of course, to satiate the want for more lip-smacking good food, the Spicy Salmon Salad is something that might sound simple but is hands down a flare of flavors.


After that, here is a dish that has that both crunchy and tender feel that the palate will certainly take pleasure in. The Tori Katsu of Ebi 10 is a must-try along the many dishes they offer.

Having so many scrumptious dishes, it’s just right to drink something in order to wash down everything. Ebi 10 has a bunch of different drinks that would go great for anything and everything; one of which is the Joe’s Brew Fish Rider, a flagship beer of Joe’s Brew that is beautifully fragrant and will definitely give you that fun kick that would make you enjoy more of your food.

There are so much more to Ebi 10 that surely all this is just a tip of the iceberg that you should definitely try and delight in as this is a space that is an embrace of comfort, laid back vibe, and amazing food and drinks offering.


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