Experience home away from home: Enjoy fun times and lovely meals with Friends & Family

Friends & Family – these are two words one would be acquainted to. Known to be people who you can run to or seek refuge on when things go rough. Also, these are people one is very much close with, celebrating each and every achievement, or sometimes even failure… You get the point, in good times and in bad times, friends & family will always stay by your side – hopefully, at least.

However, this Friends & Family we are to talk about is actually a Pinoy-centric restaurant in Bonifacio Global City. With a groovy, bright sign at its entrance, a welcoming, homey vibe even just by looking at its green-dominated relaxing interiors, and lights vibrant and livening, Friends & Family emanates a reunion of sweet laughter, lovely memories, and fun times.


Starting our kwentuhan is the 7 Kinds Barbeque Isawan Platter (Php 550) which includes bbq pork tenga, isaw bilog, isaw manok, bbq betamax, special pork bbq, chicken skin inasal, and chicken ass inasal. Also, this one is served with calamansi, sili, special peanut bbq & sweet sauce, and housemade atchara.


After having a platter of tusok-tusok is a sizzling plate of The Classic Sisig (Php 225 | Php 365). It is a packed crunch fun adventure of crispy pork, tenga, face, liver, mayo & butter. This feisty plate will surely give you something to talk about.



If you are up for some roasting with your family and friends, order this dish that is roasted in Friends and Family’s wood-fired pugon oven or rotisserie – the Claypot “Humba Rice” (Php 395). This one is braised pork belly, topped with banana blossoms & grilled pineapple, served with sweet fried banana.


As you will probably feel being welcomed home by Friends & Family, you have try one of their house special that would certainly give you comfort with a bit of twist – their Kare-Kare Buntot (Php 550) comes in a bowl of oxtail, U.S. beef belly & skin, vegetables, and served with house-made bagoong.


Another of Friends & Family’s house special is the Sizzling Bulalo Steak & U.S. Beef Belly with Gravy (Php 595 | Php 995). Smothered with peppered beef gravy, served with potatoes, carrots, cabbage, Baguio pechay & green beans, this is no doubt a satisfying, more than delicious meal!


For when you feel generous, here is another dish that is great for sharing as this one is good for 4 – the Classic Crispy Pata (Php 995). With crispy, tender pork, CP sauce, topped with loads of fried garlic & chilies, this dish is absolutely the bomb.


And of course, Friends & Family won’t be called a Pinoy-centric restaurant if they are not offering some pampahaba ng buhay dishes – one of which is Pancit Palabok (Php 295| Php 450). This one is topped with fried tofu, crispy petchay, fried garlic, dried squid, scampi, onion, calamari, and a 6-minute boiled egg.

After devouring all those tasty dishes, not just one, but two desserts are ready to be devoured as well, which are both Pinoy faves, not doubt about that – Cheesy Yema Cake and Halo Halo Crumble.

The Cheesy Yema Cake (Php 195) is moist and flavorful itself, but this one is slathered with yema cream that is already overflowing which makes this piece of cake much more heavenly!


While for this last dish which is the Halo Halo Crumble (Php 194), this one is halo halo tart topped with ube ice cream and leche flan. Filled with halo halo ingredients and has whipped cream instead of milk, this one is another level of halo halo that you certainly have to try!

As Friends & Family is of classic Filipino cuisine in which most of the dishes are cooked the old school way, this cozy, gorgeous restaurant tweaks the dishes by changing some of its concept, giving dishes a bit of a makeover in which people will absolutely enjoy while reminiscing some good ole days with loved ones – such as having a reunion, an outing, or even just a simple picnic in the park.

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