Experience luxurious, authentic Italian dining at Il Primo Steakhouse

NUSTAR Resort & Casino is really big when it comes to pampering their guests. We have already shared with you a number of their food outlets and from there you could probably already tell that whatever you are craving for, they have it covered. They have Asian favorites, Filipino feasts, and even Western go-tos. Indeed, they are not kidding when they say that in dining, variety is the spice of life. 

Il Tagliere

With a lot of delicious options that could have you satisfied, are you not wondering what was the first restaurant to have opened in NUSTAR Resort & Casino? Well, to tell you honestly, the first restaurant in the vicinity is actually such a give away because its name translates to “The First”. 

Il Primo Salad

That being said, Il Primo Steakhouse is not only the first restaurant that opened their doors and welcomed guests at NUSTAR Resort & Casino, but also, they are the first Italian Steakhouse in Cebu. That’s right, with Il Primo Steakhouse, you don’t only get to indulge in luscious steaks, but also you can pair your favorite steaks with sumptuous Italian dishes that can easily satisfy you. 

Caesar Salad

You can begin your delicious journey with Il Primo Steakhouse by delighting in their appetizers and salads. Their Il Tagliere (Php 950) is a selection of Italian cold cuts and artisan cheese, and this you can enjoy with a few of their greens, such as Il Primo Salad (Php 700) which is of garden greens, scallops, parmesan chips, and orange lemon dressing, as well as Caesar Salad (Php 500) which is of romaine lettuce, crisp bacon, parmesan, parma ham with croutons, and anchovies. 

Gnocchi Quattro Formaggi

After having some starters, we suggest reaching for a few of their pastas as well. We absolutely loved their Pappardelle (Php 600) which is flat ribbon pasta in red wine braised beef ragu, and their Gnocchi Quattro Formaggi (Php 550) which is handmade potato dumplings and four cheese sauce. These are so good!

US Black Angus Cab Omaha Prime T-Bone
US Black Angus Cab Omaha Prime T-Bone

Of course, when you are in Il Primo Steakhouse, you should not miss out on their steaks, so don’t think twice and just go all out for their US Black Angus Cab Omaha Prime T-Bone Steak (800 grams Php 4300). We are telling you, this one is so worth it! Each slice is as scrumptious as the next one!


Aside from those savories, you should definitely grab Il Primo Steakhouse’s desserts! Their Tiramisu (Php 500) which is a plate of creamy mascarpone and ladyfingers soaked in espresso with cocoa powder, and Gelato Del Giorno (Php 350) are just two delectable treats that are like lovely kisses of sweetness.

Gelato Del Giorno

Il Primo Steakhouse will indeed give you an excellent dining experience, there is just no doubt about that, so when you are in Cebu or you are at NUSTAR Resort & Casino specifically, make sure to have a table reserved for you. Find out about all the amazing Il Primo Steakhouse dishes you can have by visiting NUSTAR Resort & Casino’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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