Experience Mongolian Buffet with Subic Bay Yacht Club’s Cambusa Bistro

Subic Bay Yacht Club has been in the fabulous and extravagant lifestyle scene for more than two decades now, but what we are going to highlight here is their Cambusa Bistro, specifically their lunch buffet offering.

On our first day here at Subic Bay Yacht Club, we were lucky to have arrived just before their Mongolian Lunch Buffet ended. It was a different dining experience that we sure enjoyed and loved doing as we got to choose how our dish went.

To start, you decide how your base will be – either you go for rice or noodles. What I went with was noodles because I just love some slurping action when it comes to my food!

Next to that is the choosing of vegetables. This Mongolian Buffet of Cambusa Bistro has a ton of veggie options like tomato, chili fingers, bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots, leeks and so much more! With my bowl, what I decided to put in were mushroom, chili fingers, bell peppers, onions, cabbage, sesame, garlic, and chili because I live for some adventure – even when it comes to my food!

After having some base and some veggies to munch on, I chose how my sauce will be. They have some options you could choose from like sweet and sour, sweet, sweet and spice, and hot and spicy. I chose to make mine delicious by going with their recipe for sweet and spicy sauce. I just adjusted it a bit as I wanted the spice to punch me more than the sweet to kiss me.

Last but definitely not the least, but probably my favorite, is the choosing of meats. I just adore a really good bite, so I filled my delectable bowl with squid, beef sukiyaki, as well as pork strips! I want my toppings to be present until my last scoop, so I really went all out and had a generous serving of those in this Mongolian bowl of mine.

Having to finish all the choosing and whatnot, I gave my bowl to the kitchen so they can cook it and do all their wonders to it. All I had to do was wait for a few minutes until they got to serve it to my table and I just could not stall for a few more moments because I automatically dug into it!

As I was enjoying this yummy Mongolian bowl, they also served me a glass of their refreshing iced tea which really aided in my gulping down each and every delicious bit of this dish I made!

I regret not going for round two – there, I said it! And so, you better go for another round after finishing yours because you will probably end up regretting not going, too. You can also grab some fruits to end your Mongolian Buffet experience with Subic Bay Yacht Club’s Cambusa Bistro.  

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