Experience restaurant quality food at home with Chef A’s Specialty Foods

Ready for something heavy? How about for something exquisite? Do you miss date nights in a romantic setting, perhaps in a dim-lighted, fine dining restaurant? Well, 2020 really is not that much of an amazing year — we think we could agree on that, right?

However, as people, we still will look for ways to make something good even though we are kind of stuck in a negative situation; and so, if you are just going nostalgic on your photos of sinking your teeth into steaks, ribs, or any meat dish… why not just relive it in the comfort of your home?

Chef A’s Specialty Foods is all about having a grand meaty adventure and we bet if you are a meat lover, you will get hooked on what they are offering. It really is just protein everywhere with them!

If you are in the mood for something other than Pinoy food for your next meal time with your family, their Salpicao is a great choice. Its scent will have you wanting to dig into it in no time as well as reach for more of the rice goodness we absolutely cannot stop ourselves from having, too.

And if you want something a little more indulgent than that, Chef A’s Specialty Foods’ Baby Back Ribs is as saucy and as flavorful you think it would be. This one will really not disappoint you in regards to being delicious and filling, so if you get the urge to get all handsy on it, then just do it!

Of course, if you feel like going all out to pamper your loved one or even just a special someone or maybe even just yourself, you would definitely not be wrong to delight in their Steak! Set up a candlelit dinner by the garden if possible, pair it some wine, and just have a great night.

Chef A’s Specialty Foods really is evident on all things meat, but do take note that they offer fish and even a dessert, too, so if that is your kind of thing… then it would be great to go see their Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also order by dropping a message in either of those two channels or you can also reach them via their mobile number +639478835929.

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