Experience wonderful and flavorful focaccia realness with DoughLuscious Focaccia

Go on and get that bread, but in this case, we’d rather say, “Get that Focaccia!”. Focaccia is a wonderful bread choice for when you want something thick, so you can slice it and make sandwiches out of it. This one is great for snacks or brunch or even for when you are up for a light meal to delight in. Often served alongside a bowl of soup or a plate of salad, Focaccia can also be a tasty addition to your bread basket! This bread also can be sweet or savory, depending on how you want yours.

If you want to get your hands on it, DoughLuscious Focaccia offers a wide range of Focaccia variants you could indulge in. You can even call your friends and family over breakfast, brunch, or even snack time so as to bond over slices of different Focaccia flavors by DoughLuscious Focaccia – and as their name suggests, their Focaccias are indeed luscious, so you and your loved ones will surely be impressed in every mouthful.

Currently, DoughLuscious Focaccia has nine different savory options and one Focaccia offering that is on the sweet side. Freshly baked and delivered to your doorstep, you will soon be able to sink your teeth in some lovely and flavorful focaccia realness in a 9” x 13” size, and if you are going to ask us what to get from them, we will tell you that you will not go wrong with any of their flavors, but their bestsellers are truly your best bets!

Their Tomato & Basil Pesto Focaccia (Php 350) is a rich and splendid choice that is a favourite of many. This one will bring to your table a sumptuous, rustic feel as if you and your dear friends and family are in a cabin getaway, just enjoying a cozy night altogether.

Meanwhile, if you guys are up for a casual, all-day lounging filled with excitement and cheesy goodness, then the perfect Focaccia variant for you to go for is DoughLuscious Focaccia’s Stuffed 4Cheese (Php 425). Yes, you have read that right, you are to enjoy four cheeses in one bite and you know what’s even more exciting about this one? The stuffed cheese would ooze right out in every bite you take off of it.

DoughLuscious Focaccia is really pushing the limits when it comes to the Focaccia gaming. You can even have 2 flavors in one bread or if you just can’t help yourself, you can even go for their Focaccia 4 Ways wherein you will be able to indulge in 4 different tasty flavors in just one order!

Find out how to fill up your tummies with DoughLuscious Focaccia by visiting their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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