Explore the taste of Milan with Whitebrass Contemporary Kitchen x Bar – a gorgeous mishmash of flavors that your palate will thank you for!

If you are in Makati and you are looking for a peaceful place to have a meal in and to actually be able to talk with your companion or be in solitude with your thoughts, we got this place that is not fancy shmancy, but will make you feel cozy with their minimalist interiors which is actually the inspiration behind the name.

Whitebrass Contemporary Kitchen x Bar is all sophistication and nothing of intimidation while offering well-thought of and modern food that is not just Italian, but particularly of Milan. With servings generous and delicious, nice and accommodating staff and crew that are actually knowledgeable of their menu, this place is perfect for dates, private dining, small meetings, and even lovely events.


Starting this yummy Milan exploration for our palate, we had Whitebrass Contemporary Kitchen x Bar’s Pasta Mezzanotte (Php 320). This one is with marinara sauce, shrimp, anchovies, eggplant, capers, and zuchinni. It is such a perfect way to start this lip-smacking meal time with people dear to me.


After that we got to try some of their mains; one of which is their Pan-Seared Salmon (Php 490) with salmon toploin, lemon butter cream sauce, kasubha vegetable rice, and house salad. This dish is oozing with mouth-watering flavors and succulent salmon.


Another main dish we had was the Cotoletta Limone (Php 375). This one is pork cutlet rubbed with lemon, smoked tomato barbecue, and mashed potato. Each bite of this is a tender adventure of pork and zesty taste of lemony fun.


Following that is a dish that is of chicken wings which is the Basil Limone Wings (Php 350). This one is an order of tangy lemon wings tossed with basil. Truly, a meal that is a blend of savory and at the same time refreshing – adding more to the lemon taste we dearly enjoyed.


Of course, this meal would not be complete with pizza gracing our table so for that we had Seafood Pesto Pizza (php 495). Slathered with pesto béchamel and topped with shrimps and squid, this pizza is absolutely seafood haven for your palate.

As Whitebrass Contemporary Kitchen x Bar is not only a restaurant, but a bar as well, we go to try a drink of theirs which is The Beach Bro. This one is concocted with bourbon whiskey, soda angostura bitters, and orange. A glass of this goes really well with casual conversations of fun memories and good times while munching on some delectable dishes.


Ending this scrumptious meal that is inspired from Milan flavors, we devoured a sweet order of Granola Crusted Cheesecake Brulee (Php 210). This delectable granola crusted cheesecake comes with sugar glass, caramel sauce, pistachio crumbs, and yummy mangoes.

Whether you are here for a fun lunch meal or a drinking sesh with your friends or family, Whitebrass Contemporary Kitchen x Bar has something for you to really enjoy. You can try out their One Fine Lunch – a promo of theirs that is of their weekday lunch set that you can avail from 11:00AM to 2:30PM for only Php 199.

Meanwhile, if you are down for some drinks, you can take pleasure of their Twosome Awesome which is their happy hour promo from 4PM to 9PM wherein you can avail 2 of their drinks, that you can choose from Mojito, Whitebrass Signature, Amaretto Sour, Rhum Coke, or Gin Tonic, for Php 220.

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