Express yourself with these DIY Dinut Kits!

Who said merienda is only all about eating? No one actually!

Creativity goes beyond the desk. It could keep you up at night, it could make you stop running, and of course, it could come to you even in the kitchen and dining room. Different people express their creativity in different ways – and if you want to express yours in a delicious way, then these new DIY Donut Kits by Tim Horton is the one for you! You know what, you can even have this even though you just want to sink your tooth in your trusty ole pal – the donut.

Photo by Tim Hortons Philippines

Donuts really could make people go nuts and you will prolly go nuts on putting some nuts onto your donuts and we are not one to judge so go on and enjoy decorating your snack until you are happy with it and it is time to eat it! Each of these DIY Donut Kits by Tim Hortons includes six pieces of freshly-baked Tim Hortons Ring donuts, a 4-ounce cup of rainbow sprinkles, a 4-ounce cup of chocolate fondant, cutlery and napkins, and “donut decor instruction” manual, all for Php 450. You can also purchase add-ons, such as sprinkles which is priced at Php 40 and chocolate fondant which is Php 60.

Photo by Tim Hortons Philippines

No doubt the classic chocolate with rainbow sprinkles on top is a delight. Keep in mind though that these donuts should be consumed within eight hours upon delivery for you to be able to enjoy them the best way you could – fresh and soft. 

Have Tim Hortons’ DIY Donut Kits for takeout or delivery through Grab, Foodpanda, Lalafood, or Tim Hortons’ delivery. Do note that the price will depend on which application you use to order.

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*Featured Photo by Tim Hortons Philippines

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