Exquisite, delicious, and mouth-watering dishes await at MG Gastropub

We were back at Subic recently and undeniably we had a great time! One of the reasons we enjoyed our Subic trip was because we were able to dine at MG Gastropub, a casual dining restaurant oozing with sleekness as well as comfort, alongside delicious Filipino dishes that always get us hooked.

MG Gastropub
MG Gastropub

If it isn’t obvious yet, we are very much in love with the richness of our own food culture, the Filipino cuisine, and so we are absolutely big on putting the spotlight on it every chance we get. We mean, why wouldn’t we? Filipino cuisine offers distinctive aromas, flavors, and colors that would make anyone’s mouth water in an instant. With sweet, salty, and sour flavor notes being the major players, Filipino cuisine will just always be a part of us—and that is also the reason why we adore MG Gastropub so much!

Sizzling Pork Sisig

We started our MG Gastropub food adventure with their very own Sizzling Pork Sisig (Php 215) which is served in a sizzling plate filled with chopped pork mask and chicken boneless thigh, chicken liver, red and white onion, plus chili with calamansi and egg on top. Certainly, this was a strong start followed by one of their wonderful main dishes.

Sizzling Grilled Tiger Prawns

Their Sizzling Grilled Tiger Prawns (Php 390) which is served with seasoned vegetables and choice of fettuccine pasta or mashed potato really gave us that sizzle that we clearly could not get enough of. Truly an indulgent dish we were so glad to have!

Sinigang Pork Ribs

Since we evidently professed our undying love for our own cuisine, MG Gastropub filled us up with a number of sumptuous Filipino dishes from their Pinoy All-Time Favorites selection, starting with their Sinigang Pork Ribs (Php 430) which is a hearty bowl of simmered pork ribs and local vegetables in tamarind broth. This dish really gave us that warmth and comfort we have always been suckers of.

Lechon Kawali
Crispy Pork Kare-Kare

Speaking of other Pinoy dishes we are suckers of, MG Gastropub also served us their Lechon Kawali (Php 420) which is crispy pork belly with soy vinegar dipping and liver sauce, and their Crispy Pork Kare-Kare (Php 450) which is crispy pork belly and vegetables in peanut sauce served with shrimp paste. Indeed, these two dishes gave us that delectable crunch we have enjoyed time and time again alongside each dish’s distinct playful flavor notes.

Hong Kong Style Fried Noodles

Of course, this wouldn’t be a complete Filipino meal without carbs to fill us up. For this, we first had two of their noodle dishes—their Hong Kong Style Fried Noodles (Php 350) which is a yummy plate of Asian egg noodles and stir fry vegetables topped with crispy bagnet as well as their Pancit Bihon (Php 250) which is a serving of slurp-worthy noodles with sauteed pork strips and chicken liver, seasoned vegetables, and calamansi. Absolutely delicious, right?

Bagoong Rice

After having a fill of those noodle dishes, we then moved onto their Bagoong Rice (Php 205) which is a generous bed of rice tossed in bagoong and then topped with egg; alongside two of their pizzas because we just could not resist the goodness that was served right in front of us. We are not even sorry!

House Supreme Pizza
Shawarma Pizza

The two MG Gastropub pizzas we got were their House Supreme Pizza (Php 450) which is a 12” thin crust, red sauce, combination of cheese blend, sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, sliced ham, black olives, mushroom, and fresh onion; as well as their Shawarma Pizza (Php 390) which is a 12” thin crust, red sauce, ground beef, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, and salsa top with shawarma sauce. Believe us, you won’t be having just one slice for each of these pizzas—that’s just not possible!

Sweetening things up, MG Gastropub pampered our taste buds with their crowd-favorite dessert! Their Churros (Php 220) is a lovely and delectable plate of fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar, with a side of cookies and cream ice cream and chocolate chip! We have three words for this dish and they are: yum, yum, and yum!

Espresso Martini
Typhoon Martini

To cap off our MG Gastropub food adventure, we were even able to indulge in a few of their delicious Cocktails. Their Espresso Martini (Php 200) is a mix of Absolut vodka, espresso, and kahlua; while their Typhoon Martini (Php 200) is a mix of Bacardi gold, dark chocolate, Bailey’s Irish cream, and fresh milk. These two are absolutely splendid drinks ready to give you a boost—one of coffee boost, and the other is a chocolate boost!

Rosemary Sour
Old Fashion

Of course, MG Gastropub also has refreshing and straightforward Cocktails. Their Rosemary Sour (Php 180) which is a mix of Jim Beam whiskey, rose mary syrup, and fresh lime juice offers a revitalizing escape; and their Old Fashion (Php 180) which is a mix of Bourbon whiskey, angostura bitters, fresh orange, and simple syrup is a classic that is hard to beat!

Caramel Latte

Do take note, though, that MG Gastropub also offers non-alcoholic drinks such as Caramel Latte (Php 150) and Hot Chocolate (Php 120), so you surely will have a lot of options to go for and of course, you will always find something you prefer and will love when you dine with them. MG Gastropub indeed talks a big game because they are a big game so you better not miss out on the goodness they have laid out for you.

MG Gastropub
MG Gastropub

Know more about MG Gastropub and their food and drinks selection by dining with them. You can also visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website for more details as they usually have great deals up for grabs!

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