Fast and Fresh: That’s The Sandwich Guy For You!

Been in the sandwich scene for 14 years now, The Sandwich Guy sure is making some delicious noise again as people are all about a quick and delicious fix which is what they are offering. Particularly, The Sandwich Guy is all about being fast and fresh so if you are thinking of finally putting a stop on your rather unhealthy choices, then The Sandwich Guy is definitely your guy!

Hexagon Grilled Whole Wheat Sandwiches

Currently, The Sandwich Guy has a total of 16 branches around the metro so you might not know, but they are probably just right around the corner ready to surprise you with their line of healthy, yummy, and filling sandwiches. Speaking of their sandwiches, The Sandwich Guy stands out as they are actually producing their own loaves. With their own hexagon grilled whole wheat bread, The Sandwich Guy undoubtedly are turning heads because their food are not only satisfying, but also unique-looking and very much presentable and pleasing to the eyes. After all, our eyes eat first, right?

As that is the case, you certainly should not miss out on their Sandwiches, especially because The Sandwich Guy has a number of those! Their HBLT (Whole Php 115 | Junior Php 77) and their Ultimate Roast Beef (Whole Php 135 | Junior Php 80) are definitely crowd favorites! Meanwhile, if you are looking for something playful, then you might want to grab their Crabsticks and Mango (Whole Php 115 | Junior Php 77), Angry Beef (Whole Php 135 | Junior Php 80), and Chicken Pesto (Whole Php 120 | Junior Php 73). All these will surely hit your cravings and more!

As The Sandwich Guy is all about being fast and fresh, of course other than sandwiches, they also have Keto Meals and Rolls which you can love up! Their Keto Bacon Bits (Php 155) and Keto Grilled Chicken (Php 145) will give you that protein-loaded meal you have been salivating for; while their Kani Salad Roll (Php 130) will no doubt give you that delectable freshness you should not be missing out on. Plus, they are all fun, easy, and convenient eats!

Lemon Juice
Cucumber Juice

Of course, as The Sandwich Guy has a load of yummies up for grabs, you better reach for their drinks too. Their Power Water (Php 55), Lemon Juice (Php 75), and Cucumber Juice (Php 75) are the perfect pairing to go with whatever The Sandwich Guy food you are having. These drinks will certainly quench your thirst while also keeping you cool and fresh.

Hexagon Grilled Whole Wheat Sandwiches

To know more about The Sandwich Guy, you can check them out on Facebook and Instagram; and of course, to conveniently order online, you can also catch them on GrabFood and foodpanda.

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