Fat Daddys Smokehouse: The Perfect Joint To Get Your Meaty Cravings Satisfied

Craving for that legit smoky barbecue blowout during summer? Or at any time of the year? #cravings

No need to look far and hard – you got no other place to go than the home of that all-American barbecue smoked goodness that is Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse at the UP Town Center.

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Top of our head, this place’s interior provides you with a backyard grill Sunday feeling and the smell from meats smoked and grilled to perfection is enough to rev your taste engines up. An all-American concept restaurant that promises to deliver all that barbecue grilled meat you’ve only heard overseas!

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Our Fat Daddy’s experience kicked off with the unique taste of Buttermilk Fried Livers. In bold letters: chicken livers deep fried and marinated in buttermilk. For all you guys who’re not big fans of eating liver, we can assure you that this will change your mind. The first bite welcomes you with the moist and juicy goodness of liver oozing with their trademark smoky goodness and dipping into the Alabama-style barbecue sauce just wraps it all up nicely you can literally end up ordering another one.


With your palate up and running, you can proceed with their Creamy Clam Chowder chock full of fresh clams and house-signature smoked bacon. The warm soup blends the fresh kick of clams with that Fat Daddy’s trademark of tasty bacon smoked to perfection.


We highly recommend for you to try out Hot Mess – layers and layers of American-style mashed potatoes pounded into creamy cheese and added pulled pork and bacon for that extra bite to start filling you up.


Deciding for the main course leaves you with breathless and mouth-watering options. You can go with the BBQ Chop with Apple Bacon Jam and Bourbon Glaze – the dish to go if you want to have a classy meal that’s savory through and through. The Glaze adds a nice sweet smoky finish that pairs well the tanginess that is Apple Bacon Jam – combined, you are treated with an addictive meal that makes you want to slice and gobble up repeatedly. You can also opt to go with their From The Smoker series – pulled pork shoulders, hot link sausages, and best-sellers Smoked Beef Brisket and Smoked Pork Ribs.






Now if you’re in on the all-American gig, the Southern-Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken is the way to go. Lathered with the flavors of their secret herb recipe soaked in buttermilk goodness, chicken thigh fillets are deep fried into perfection with their honey and homemade gravy.


Taking into account your kids’ picky tastes can prove to be easy with their Corn Dogs & Chips plate meal. The lightly season crispy corn batter provides great prelude to an otherwise juicy beef American hotdog. They also have two pasta dishes


And if all of that is not enough, this smokehouse provides you with two refreshment innovations – drink your movie with the Caramel Popcorn Shake (you can literally taste your popcorn bits and the caramel is just enough sweet) or choose to drink your breakfast with the Smokey Maple Bacon Shake (who knew you could drink your bacon?). Both are fierce contenders providing the much-needed relief from all the tasty meats you’ve been getting.


To round everything up, why not try their freshly baked Pecan Pie? Generously topped with hefty amounts of pecans roasted to perfection. Or if you still can’t get enough bacon, try another innovation: the Bacon and S’mores Dip! This unique dessert raises a lot of questions but one bite of that graham cracker dipped into gooey marshmallow, decadent chocolate ganache, and your favorite smoky bacon is sure to put the doubters to rest.



Fat Daddy’s even took the experience more personal than your typical smokehouse restaurant: they actually have a secret sauce brew that’s easy on the taste but leaves you asking for more. Between you and us, we can definitely tell you that these can also be bought per bottle for you to take home and use as you see fit!

What started out as a “Eureka!” moment has now evolved into a modern-day American smokehouse restaurant and is now among the few legit smokehouses in the metro. The next time you feel binge-eating on something savory and smoky, be sure to give them a visit! After all, Fat Daddy’s is going to turn you into one like their namesake – tummy full and heart happy.

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Featured Branch: Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse UP Town Center Branch
Address: UP Town Center, 216 Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1108 Metro Manila
Contact Number: 0915-5627447
Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 10AM to 11PM

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