Fat Fook Kitchen is now open at Ayala North Exchange

There is no denying that Fat Fook Kitchen has taken the Philippine streets by storm as they bring Taiwanese faves with them. Not only are they poppin’ with delectable flavors that the Pinoy palate has learned to love, but also they are offering a budget-friendly Taiwanese dining experience that would make anyone want to come back to.

With that, there is no stopping as another Fat Fook Kitchen has emerged. “Where?”, you might ask. Well, it is at the recently opened Ayala North Exchange in Makati and we are here to serve the hots for you as we know you are to check out and be on the look out.

Teasing our taste buds, the Pork Xiao Long Bao (5pcs Php 168 | 8 pcs Php 258), the Fried Stinky Tofu (Php 238), the Oyster Omelette (Php 288), and the Spicy Wanton (Php 258) which is actually a new addition to their lovely menu are definitely must-tries, especially each has a distinct flavor that is just perf to kickstart your Fat Fook Kitchen experience to whatever direction you want to go.

Fat Fook Chicken Chop (Php 308)
Beef Tendon Hotpot (Php 308)
Mama O’s Patatim (Php 368)
Taiwan Style Fried Rice (Php 268)

After that, when you want to go for satisfaction alongside glee, go for the Beef Tendon Hotpot (Php 308) which contrary to people’s beliefs is actually healthy, the Mama O’s Patatim (Php 368) which is a bestseller of theirs, the Fat Fook Chicken Chop (Php 308) which we totally vouch for as it is a favorite of ours, and of course, the Taiwan Style Fried Rice (Php 268) which would be a great pair to any viand of your choice or you can also enjoy it as it is.

Taiwan Style Fried Noodles (Php 228)
Taiwan Beef Noodles (Php 268)

And if you feel like your appetite can handle more yummy goodies, the Taiwan Style Fried Noodles (Php 228) is actually great for sharing, as well as the Taiwan Beef Noodles (Php 268) which is another crowd favorite that would have you slurping and slurping and slurping and basically, just slurping.

Tikoy Sticks (Php 208)

Tying this all up, for a touch of sweetness, you can have a blast with their Tikoy Sticks (Php 208) that is a wonderful mix of two different fun textures which are crunchy and sticky, while being drizzled with condensed milk.

Roasted Hazelnut Milktea (Php 108)
Dark Chocolate Milktea (Php 118)

Lastly, if you want to have a dessert and a drink in one, just know that Fat Fook Kitchen has a bunch of Milk Tea variants that are so worth each and every calorie, especially the Dark Chocolate Milktea (Php 118) and the Roasted Hazelnut Milktea (Php 108).

Undeniably, Fat Fook Kitchen has once again proved itself of giving their diners a scrumptuous meal that would take you to the rich and colorful alleys, streets, and areas of Taiwan, so if travelling is your thing, but you got no time nor the budget to currently do that, then head onto Fat Fook Kitchen now and enjoy a different Asian flavor!

Follow Fat Fook Kitchen at their Social Media Pages below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FatFookManila/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fatfookmanila/

Featured Branch: Fat Fook Manila, Ayala North Exchange Branch

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