Fat Smoke BBQ’s Wagyu Beef Ribs is perfect for the whole day

Us being meat lovers is no secret. If it isn’t obvious to you yet, then yes, we love a good slab of meat on our plate from time to time. There’s just something about it that brings us comfort and joy. Also, it truly is an indulgence for us, especially when the meat we are having is one that is a prime choice such as steaks or smoked meats.

Speaking of smoked meats, we don’t always get to have one, but when we do, you bet we are going to go all out on it. If we could have it for the whole day, then we will have it for the whole day, just like what we did with Fat Smoke BBQ’s Beef Wagyu Ribs!

Fat Smoke BBQ is known for their Ribs Delivery and Carving Station. Currently, they are operating in BF Resort Village, Las Pinas City where they have their Commissary, and that did not stop us from having one of their products! Their Beef Wagyu Ribs have been making some noise and surely that noise reached us, so here we are making sure that that noise will reach you too.

Their Beef Wagyu Ribs is a huge slab of meat that is undeniably tender and flavorful. Great to have anytime of the day, so we had it for breakfast, lunch, and yes, even dinner. For breakfast, we had it with some eggs, tomatoes, and of course, rice. Let us tell you, starting our day with it was one of our best decisions!

For lunch and dinner, we went and just paired it with some rice again, because it truly is already luscious as it is. We absolutely loved each bite and every mouthful we got off of it, especially because of the distinct yet definitely delectable smokey tones it has! More than yum, indeed!

Don’t you dare miss out on this Wagyu Beef Ribs by Fat Smoke BBQ because you will regret it and you will keep on thinking about it until you get yourself some. Know how you could get your hands on it and Fat Smoke BBQ’s other products by checking out their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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