Feast On Homemade Korean Dishes At Dosirak by Samm

We don’t know aout you guys but we sure love a feast of Asian flavors, especially when what’s on the table is of Korean cuisine. Their dishes are just an absolute treat for all the senses, the eyes being the ones to eat first! For sure, we are always down to take a food adventure when Korean food is what we are to devour.

That said, Dosirak by Samm really gave us what we were looking for and of course, craving, for because they are all about homemade satisfying Korean dishes! Set Dishes, Rice Bowls, Streetfood, Kimbaps, and even frozen Meats – Dosirak by Samm has all that covered – so what else are you waiting for? Dig into this feast by Dosirak by Samm as we got a few from their mouthwatering selection!

Their Dosirak is a crowd favorite! Comes as a Pork (Php 285) or Beef (Php 295) bulgogi with stir-fried fishcake, kimbap, egg roll lettuce, kimchi, and tteokbokki, this food option by Dosirak by Samm is no doubt delicious and heavy on the belly, so surely, if you have a big appetite to satiate, this one would be a great choice.

Following that is another filling dish – their Bibimbap (Php 190) which is available in Regular or Spicy. This one is a hearty serving of rice topped with bibim sauce, beef bulgogi, shiitake mushrooms, zucchini, egg, bean sprouts, cabbage, and lettuce. Mix it altogether and you have got your palate a party of Korean flavors. Truly, a must-try!

Last but definitely not the least is their Japchae (Good for Two Php 160 | Family Tray Php 950 | Party Tray Php 1400) which is a popular Korean noodle dish. This one is perfect for when you want to carb it up but not with rice. Plus, this one also has a bunch of meat, veggies, and so much more that make it even more satisfying.

Dosirak by Samm has so much to offer, believe us. To see more of what they have in store for you, feel free to visit their Social Media Pages – Facebook and Instagram.

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