Feast on Native Filipino Flavors Here at Lantaw Seafood and Grill

We hope you are ready for this comeback! Lantaw Seafood and Grill has finally returned with their native Filipino offerings, refreshing drinks, beautiful view, and overall, a good time. Indeed, many have been waiting for this comeback so don’t just sit there; if you are ever in Cordova, Cebu, take this as a sign to drive your way to Lantaw Seafood and Grill today! 

As we have mentioned, Lantaw Seafood Grill is all about offering native Filipino dishes that you guys will not get tired of. In fact, you will find yourself going back for more rounds than what you have intended and planned to have. You need not to stress yourself about that though, because Lantaw Seafood and Grill is really here to help you enjoy yourself even more. 

You can start with a few classic munchies. Lantaw Seafood and Grill have Calamares which are squid rings with crispy batter. A tasty treat to begin your fun time with. Another way to start is by reaching for their Mangga with Bagoong. This pairing is such a classic Pinoy snack and everyone loves it for is sour and kick combo! 

Follow that with some delightful vegetable dishes. Lantaw Seafood and Grill has Pinakbet and Cordova Express up for grabs and let us tell you, you really should not miss out on these two splendid viands. Pinakbet is a well-known Ilocano dish that is a mix of sauteed vegetables while Cordova Express is a delicious and comforting bowl of shrimp and meat together with malunggay, radish, and tomatoes. Yummy, certainly! 

From veggies, you can have some meaty dishes next. Lantaw Seafood and Grill is big on grilled and deep fried dishes too. For this, we suggest you snatch a serving of their Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali, and Tuna Belly quickly, because these get out of stock fast! Positively, these ones are perfect for big groups as these can be extra enjoyed with good company, alongside Lantaw Fried Rice! 

End this savory spread with a sweet kiss from Lantaw Seafood and Grill. Their Bibingka with Ice Cream is a lovely dessert to have on your own or even with your loved ones. If you are not big on desserts, but still want to dazzle your time with sweetness, then grab yourself some fruity refreshments such as Watermelon Shake and Mango Shake

Catch more of Lantaw Seafood and Grill by visiting their branch at Cordova, Cebu. You can also know more about them by checking their Facebook and Instagram.

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