Feast On Thai Flavors with Khao Khai PH

We are not even going to deny it. You guys know that other than we travel to learn and appreciate different cultures, we also travel to immense ourselves in different cuisines. Indeed, each and every country has their unique food culture and it is our goal to try and enjoy them. 

Khao Khai PH

Thailand has been in our travel goals for a long time already, and since we still cannot find the time to book a flight, book a place to stay in, and really immerse ourselves in the beauty of Thailand, we are so happy to have stumbled upon Khao Khai PH! They surely are big on Thailand cuisine as they are actually a Thai Chicken House. 

Khao Khai PH

Since they are a Thai Chicken House, we have decided to straight up try one of their Signature Thai Chicken dishes. Their Gai Tod (1 Piece Php 128 | 2 Piece Php 239 | 3 Piece Php 347 | Box of 8 Php 799) which comes in Original and Spicy is actually Khao Khai PH’s take on the Bagkok street cart style fried chicken. This comes with Jasmine or Sticky Rice and dipping sauces which makes this plate even more filling and flavorful. 

Khao Khai PH

Since we got a taste of their Gai Tod, we then opted for their Gai Tod Curry (Php 295) next. This one is fried chicken fillet served with green curry and jasmine rice. Certainly, we loved that distinct kick it has because of the curry. This dish is actually part of their Bangkok Bites selection and Khao Khai PH actually has two more dishes under that line—Yum Nua and Fried Chicken Larb. 

Yum Nua
Fried Chicken Larb

Yum Nua (Php 395) is a serving of Thai grilled beef with herbs and aromatics, alongside jasmine rice and fried egg on the side; while Fried Chicken Larb (Php 285) is a plateful of crispy chicken tossed in herbs, fish sauce, and lime juice. This is a classic Thai dish traditionally served with sticky rice. These two dishes really eased us into enjoying the flavors of Thai cuisine. 

From their Bangkok Bites selection, we then moved onto their Krapao rice bowls which are all served with rice and egg. We got three out of the seven dishes from this selection, namely Fried Chicken Krapao, Kor Moo Yang, and Bangkok Liempo. 

Fried Chicken Krapao

As we were already on a roll with their other fried chicken dishes, we decided to follow those with their Fried Chicken Krapao (Php 225). This Signature Item of Khao Khai PH is a plate of Thai badil fried chicken, stir fried with rice and egg. Truly, the minty touch of Thai basil added another layer of enjoyable flavor. 

Kor Moo Yang

From a Signature Item, we then moved onto one of their bestsellers. Their Kor Moo Yang (Php 148) is a serving of grilled Isaan pork belly, with again, a side of egg and fried rice, of course. This sure is satisfying and tasty. The smoky note it has also added a delectable taste to it. Yum, indeed! 

Bangkok Liempo

We obviously had a good time with their Kor Moo Yang which as we have mentioned is a pork dish, and so we followed that up with yet another pork-starred plate. Their Bangkok Liempo (Php 239) is actually a House Special that is of Thai Style Crispy Pork with rice, alongside egg and Jaew sauce. This one is a must-try, we are telling you. 

Mango Sticky Rice

Once we were done with all the savories, of course, we made sure to get our hands on a sweet offering of Khao Khai PH. Their Mango Sticky Rice (Php 169) is a splendid meal-ender. Made with glutinous rice, fresh mango, and coconut milk, this definitely has that lovely balance of sweet, milky, fruity, and creamy. 

In the hopes to easily down all those goodies by Khao Khai PH, we reached for a refreshing pitcher of their Thai Iced Tea (Php 152). This no doubt helped us devour all those yumminess, quenched our thirst, and of course, refresh us as well. 

Khao Khai PH

There is so much more to try from Khao Khai PH. This is honestly just a sneak peak of what they actually have. Know more about their offering by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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