Feast Senyor!: Hukad served a feast fit for a king and is for the King in celebration of Sinulog 2019

Hukad has been one of the many lovely dining restaurants that can make anyone feel at home as they highlight Filipino dishes which Pinoys at heart can really relate to, especially the Cebuanos. That being said, Hukad has recently opened a branch once again, making loyal diners and new comers – particularly of the North – giddy and all as it can easily be found at SM North, North Towers.


As Hukad is originally from Cebu, and is actually like an expression to invite someone to eat, we the What To Eat PH invited food bloggers for a Bloggers’ Lunch in celebration of one of the much-awaited annual cultural and religious festivals in Cebu, the Sinulog.




Being a homegrown Cebuano brand, Hukad celebrates with Cebu every first month of every year, which is January, as they welcome folks of different walks of life with the promise that they have always and will always stay true to; and that is at Hukad, it is always a feast, so this Sinulog 2019, Hukad’s “Feast Senyor!” is truly a feast for the King, as we, alongside our invited food bloggers, enjoyed each and every dish prepared, cooked, and served to us by Hukad.



With us about to have our lunch, Hukad first served us different refreshments of theirs that are sure not only packed with nutritious fruits, but also bursting of flavors and zinging with coolness, which we totally delighted in.

Hukad’s Agua Fresca pitchers really had our thirst quenched as we got a sip of not only one variant, but three, which are Pineapple Cucumber (Php 299), Green Mango Cucumber (Php 299), and Watermelon (Php 299). The Pineapple Cucumber was surely revitalizing and not overpowering to the palate, while the Green Mango Cucumber has a delightful sourness to it in every sip, and the Watermelon was charmingly aromatic especially it was made with tanglad, calamansi, and of course watermelon.


After having a fun kick-off of drinks, we started with one of Cebu’s street food that is a favorite of many and is Cebu’s take on some spring rolls that are filled with vegetables. Hukad’s Ngohiong (5 pieces Php 170) is made with ubod, niyog, and singkamas, and is best partnered with their special sauces which are Cowrie’s hot sauce and Ngohiong mix.


Following that one with one of Hukad’s Fresh Starters, the Baked Bantayan Scallops (Php 265) is no doubt a table fave, no surprise, because this one is of a splendid serving of scallops that are from the island of Fresh Bantayan, topped with special cheese that made us grab more of it than we intended to.


Another Hukad dish that highlights one of the tasty wonders of the gorgeous water by giving it a touch of Filipino heart is the Baby Prawns Sinigang (Php 335) which is a delectable sour broth that has a certain sweetness to it that just made the whole dish extra yummy, alongside some vegetables such as Chinese kangkong, adding a lovely crunch to it.



And of course, being in Hukad, we want our invited food bloggers to have not just a taste, not just a bite, but a mouthful of what this amazing dining restaurant is famous for, the Lechon Belly de Cebu that came all the way from Cebu, is marinated for hours, and is definitely crispy-filled on the outside and juicy, tender, and so flavorful on the inside which is just downright sensational!

Finally, after having servings and plates of some of the best-sellers and recommended savory dishes of Hukad, last but not the least is their popular dessert, the Budbud Turon (Php 115) is such a twist on the already lovely Filipino delicacy, the suman, because this one is of sticky rice wrapped with texture-filled spring roll paper, fried deeply until golden brown, and glazed and drizzled with mango syrup and chocolate.



Hukad surely knows how to throw a feast as we, together with the other invited food bloggers, had so much fun with Hukad’s Feast Senyor! With all the dancing, and the food and drinks served, chit-chats made, everyone hands down had a great lunch that is a feast for the King!


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