Feel eggstra with all these Egg Tarts by Tarts Tita

You know we love going the eggstra mile in everything we do, but lately, simple things also eggcites us already. There are also days when we feel like our emotions are scrambled, but of course, we also get days when we are bright and sunny side up.

Truly, eggryday is an adventure even though we are all just at home, and if you are wondering what is up with all these cheesy egg puns we have been throwing, then calm down and don’t let yourself crack, because what is up is none other than Egg Tarts by Tarts Tita. From their name, you already could tell what you will be expectig from them, but they will prbably exceed that expectation of yours anyway, because their Egg Tarts are must-tries that you don’t get in just one variant.

Made in small batches using premium quality ingredients, you can delight in not one, not two, but four delectable Egg Tart variants by Tarts Tita. Their Original Classic Egg Tart (Box of 6 Php 250) is a crowd favorite as Tarts Tita used salted egg in it which made its custard filling even creamier.

Following that is their ube variants which comes in Ube Egg Tart (Box of 6 Php 275), Ube Macapuno Egg Tart, and Ube Langka Egg Tart. These ube-fied egg tarts are of the right sweetness, so every bite into its flaky crust and creamy filling comes with oh-so-good chunky ube, too.

Tarts Tita customers have no doubt vouched for the goodness of their Egg Tarts, but they actually have more treats to offer such as Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies as well as Chocolate Fudge Cake! These chocolate goodies alongside the egg tarts are lovely to munch on as snacks for when you need a break from all the online classes, online work tasks, or even chores at home that are taking your time.

Visit Tarts Tita on Facebook and Instagram for more information. To order, just send them a message on their Social Media channels or you could also reach them at 09228518880.

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