12 Dishes to not miss out on Fiesta Alamexo

Shall we talk about a feast that is of two delicious cuisines? Welp, we absolutely shall because we want to and you know you want to as well! Fiesta Alamexo is of a Filipino Mexican Flaming Grill dining place that would give you the total fix to whatever craving you have! They have different bites, hotpots, flavorful veggie choices, hanging char-grills, Mexican faves, flaming grills, mains good for sharing, burgers, tortilla pizzas, platters, and a whole lot more!

Photo by @jcgops
Photo by @jcgops

You will really have a wide variance of scrumptious options here, but don’t get overwhelmed, because we are here to give you a peek of what you could go for when you find yourself dining in the refreshing garden inspired space that sure would really make your meal time even more yummy than it already is.

1. Fiesta Nachos (good for sharing Php 378)

Photo by @jcgops

Being at a fiesta, you sure could not deny how colourful that kind of event is, so don’t be surprised when Fiesta Alamexo get to serve you this Fiesta Nachos of theirs! This one is a tower of fiesta assorted chips, tomato salsa, ripe mango, chopped chili fingers, sour cream, cheese sauce, together with your choice of filling that can be Mexican chicken and pork adobo, beef taco, caldereta beef brisket, grilled jalapeno chicken, or even southwest sisig.

2. Fiesta Sloppy Sliders Trio (Php 298)

Having some munchies? Why don’t you go for more of a bite? This Fiesta Sloppy Sliders is a selection of truffle mushroom, refried beans and cheesy jalapeno burger, all coated in a southern fried breadcrumb, so you sure will leave with not only a happy tummy, but a full one, too!

3. Chicharon Bulaklak with Chips & Salsa (Php 328)

Now, this one is aclassic that is just an easy fave, you know? Fiesta Alamexo’s Chicharon Bulaklak with Chips & Salsa is a plate of exactly that, alongside jalapeno vinegar that certainly would boost you up with each and every dip into it.

4. Sinigang in Sugar Beets (Php 398)

If you want something that has some soup, check out their selection of Fiesta Hotpot Ala Mexicana, specifically their Sinigang in Sugar Beets. This one you could get either in pork, salmon head, or shrimps – which is simmered in their signature sinigang broth, served with assorted pinoy veggies.

5. 6 Long Sticks Alamexo Pork BBQ (Php 498)

Photo by @jcgops

For treats on a stick, you can never go wrong with a classic barbecue, but do you know what’s better than that? It’s none other than Fiesta Alamexo’s 6 Long Sticks Alamexo Pork BBQ that is just one of your many options from their Fiesta Hanging Char-Grills selection.

6. Cheesy Quesadilla – Caldereta Beef Brisket (Php 498)

Photo by @jcgops

Looking for a dish that is of a Mexican fave? Their Cheesy Quesadilla – Caldereta Beef Brisket will end your search as this one is of cheesy and crispy treat stuffed with Mexican cheese, ranchero sauce, and shredded lettuce. You cannot only get this in Caldereta Beef Brisket, because this also comes in Sauteed Vegetables, Mexican Cheese, Marinated Shrimps, Grilled Jalapeno – Lime Chicken, Rump Steak, Chipotle Chicken & Pork Adobo, and Southwest Sisig.

7. 8oz Rump Steak (Php 298)

Fiesta Alamexo prides themselves of their flaming grilled options and they really should be proud of it, because their dishes that are of that is really  sumptuous and drool-worthy. Their 8oz Rump Steak is known for its slightly firmer texture and strong flavor that surely you would delight in.

8. Fiesta Tender Steak with Asparagus (Php 998)

Photo by @jcgops

They also have some steaks that are great for sharing, one of which is this – the Fiesta Tender Steak with Asparagus. This variant of Steaks Sharer is a serving of beef steak strips and asparagus with mushrooms, and bell peppers in fiery gravy sauce.

9. El Taco Crispy Tortilla Pizza (Php 458)

Here’s another dish of Fiesta Alamexo that is good for sharing – the El Taco Crispy Tortilla Pizza. This dish is a Mexican twist of well-loved pizza topped with chili taco beef, fresh tomatoes onion rings, lettuce, olive oil, pizza sauce, cheese, chiles if you want to add that, too.

10. Kuboodle Y Chabelita (Php 1888)

In the talks of good sharing, Fiesta Alamexo has a selection of Kaboodle De Barrio which are their platters great for really large groups. Particularly, this Kuboodle Y Chabelita is of spicy garlic buttered crab, shrimps, fiery baked scallops, deep fried fiery creamdory, topped with tomato salsa, chicken tamarind soup, ripe mango, chunky salsa guacamole, and your choice of rice – truly a hearty hearty hearty meal!

11. Alamexo Pancit Palabok (Php 348)

And if you are on a rush, they also have short orders for sharing. One of which is their Alamexo Pancit Palabok which definitely is one of their must-try dishes. You really won’t be regretting having this one because it is tasty, saucy, and worthy of every slurp you do.

12.  ½ Slab Crispy Bagnet Mexicano with Liver Sauce (Php 378)

Last but definitely not our least fave, this ½ Slab Crispy Bagnet Mexicano with Liver Sauce is another dish that you can share with your friends and fambam. This one is Fiesta Alamexo’s version of an old time fave with a twist, and you have got to try this!

All this really is great for whenever you decide to dine with Fiesta Alamexo. It doesn’t matter what time of the day is, because you can def go for a fiesta time with every meal you get to have – and that’s exactly what Fiesta Alamexo is promising you!

Featured Branch: Fiesta Alamexo – Shangri-La

Address: Shangri-La Plaza, 6th, Shaw Boulevard, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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