Fiestastic: Party like a Pinoy with Pedro ‘n Coi!

Loud and proud – this restaurant is full of Pinoy pride. From colorful banderitas to seating options like no other, Pedro ‘n Coi will give you that full blast Pinoy feast you have been wanting to experience!

Husband-and-wife owners, Lloyd Lee and Shamcey Supsup-Lee, really did a great job in showcasing how creative and Filipinos can be. Want to eat as if you are in a typical Filipino home or even out on the street surrounded by a lovely neighborhood? Ever thought of dining inside a bus or a jeepney? If any of those checks a box or two on your list, then you are in luck because Pedro ‘n Coi is definitely an interesting food stop you don’t just want to miss out, but will be wanting to go back to – over and over again.


With attention-grabbing interiors, Pedro ‘n Coi also offers fascinating Filipino dishes named in reference to Pinoy Pop Culture; starting with one of their dishes from their Minandal selection, Moymoy Palabok (Php 235). Pedro ‘n Coi’s Moymoy Palabok is their take on the classic Filipino snack, Palabok; made from shrimp-based noodles topped with green mango strips, enjoy a plate of rich sauce, yummy noodles, and a tangy, refreshing taste from the mango strips.


If you are here to have a fill of all-time Filipino favorites, then get ready because we have five tasty, heavy dishes from Pedro ‘n Coi’s Pangmalakasan’s selection. First on our list is Istokwa’t Babski (Php 235). It’s a combination of deep fried tofu, Filipino style sausage, and pork belly. It’s a satisfying dish, but also a dish that would still leave some room for more nomnom business.



Next is Ihaw Moto (Php 260) which is a choice of baked chicken or baked pork barbecue finished over the grill. Enjoy some tender grilled dish with this delicious platter of meat!


After that meat feast is more meatastic party with Pedro ‘n Coi’s Sizzling Bulalowlowlow (Php 290). With tender beef shank sizzling with their signature gravy, this dish is heart-warming, but not heart-breaking.


Following this is Mayor Bistek (Php 345). It’s soy sauce-based marinated beef with a hint of Philippine lemon. If you are looking for some succulent, flavorful beef to munch on, order this dish plus have fun with the zesty taste that comes with it.



With four Pangmalakasan dishes from Pedro ‘n Coi already devoured, here is another Pangmalakasan dish just for you; the Pata Kang Kare Kare Ka (Php 795). Chomp down some deep fried pork knuckles with peanut-based sauce and shrimp paste as this dish is no doubt a favorite of many Filipino kababayans!

Eating more than just one delicious Filipino meal, these last two yummy food from Pedro ‘n Coi’s Pamatay Umay selection – Turonton Gutierrez and Puding ni Donya Buding – will absolutely satisfy your craving for some sweet delectable fun!


Deep-fried banana rolls with ube, served with langka ice cream – Turonton Gutierrez (Php 155) is that sugary, crunch adventure you would positively take pleasure in every bite.


And to top this all off, Puding ni Donya Buding (Php 195) is homemade bread pudding, drizzled with luscious caramel and crushed candy peanut, served with cheese ice cream. This soft, scrumptious dessert is perfect for ending a lovely meal time.

Not only are the food charming, witty, and appetizing; and the interiors filled with fun wall accents, and quirky dining spots, Pedro ‘n Coi offers so much more that you can love, enjoy, and even find hilarious.

Get your fiesta clothes on and ready your tummies for a food adventure you will hands down gobble down as each dish is as mouthwatering as it looks and tastes!

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Facebook: Pedro N Coi

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Featured Branch: Resort’s World Branch

Address: Fourth Floor, Resorts World Manila, Newport City,  Pasay, 1309 Metro Manila

Hours of Operation: 11AM to 12AM, Mondays to Sundays

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