Figaro’s very first 24-hour Cafe at the Taipan Place, Ortigas

Coffee shops are such a hit to us – Filipinos, regardless if you love coffee or not. Simply because, they are such a magical place for the coffee enthusiasts and for the average coffee drinker, it provides a great alternative if you’re bored with the many food chains scattered around and would like a  place to hang-out and just chill without hurting the pocket.

As a coffee drinker and fanatic, I would’t last a day without my caffeine fix. My morning ritual will never be complete without a cup of one. Filipinos are known to be a nation of coffee drinker because of the Western influences that we have for so many years. But the problem with us, is that most of us only recognized the popular coffee chains and imported coffee brands owned by Americans or some other nationalities abroad, little did we realized that we also have our very own Coffee Company -Figaro.

Founded in 1993 and was conceptualized by a group of Filipino coffee lovers and enthusiasts. Figaro may have an Italian/European concept but it is indeed a brand to be proud of, as our own.

And just recently, they open their very first 24-hour branch at The Taipan Place, Emerald Ave. Ortigas. They wanted to cater the growing needs of the BPO industry who mainly operates on a 24/7 basis.


But one thing has been constant  since Figaro started, it has always been perceived as fancy and pricey because of its classy and elegant interiors.


Decors that are very high-class and depicts sophistication. Furnitures that are made of marble and outstanding quality.


But the truth is, Figaro has never been expensive. In fact their price points are very comparable to their International Coffee Shop rivals. Plus, they have a very extensive menu for such a coffee shop.  They have Pasta, Sandwiches, Pizza, Salad, Rice Meals and lots of Pastries.



Since a lot of working Filipinos would sometimes eat while traveling or while on the go, Figaro launch their Go-To Shelves that will enable anyone to just grab and go for a quick bite of their Ensaymada, Heavenly Cheese Rolls and Mini-Muffins.



Wrapped in a classy and easy to open plastic wrapper, these goodies does not only look delicious but really tastes very delectable as well.


The box of Mini Muffins that consists of 6 pieces, each freshly made are so enticing to the eyes. They even have three flavors that you can choose from. They have the Very Berry Strawberry, Double Belgian Chocolate and the Lemon Calamansi Zest.


Figaro’s Ensaymada is not your regular one, compared to the other Ensaymadas out there that seems be hollow and filled mostly with air, theirs is completely thick, cheesy and scrumptious.


Their Heavenly Cheese Rolls on the other hand, is very true to its name. With the generous amount of cheese inside and out, complemented with the right amount of sweetness and softness, these rolls are made with perfection.


I couldn’t say no to the very appetizing look of the muffins laid out for me to try. But since I love strawberry, I tried the Very Berry Strawberry flavor first. The luscious strawberry filling topped with a sprinkle of cheese is what makes this small muffin so addicting.

I then tried the Lemon Calamansi Zest variant the next, intrigued by the name and the way it looks. I took my first bite, expecting the least but I was surprised and didn’t quite expect that I would like it. It’s soft and moist bread hinted with the superb combination of sourness and sweetness is so amazingly good.


I knew from the moment that I saw the Double Belgian Chocolate flavor that it will be such a delight. I love how ridiculously chocolaty the feel and taste in every bite yet it’s just with the right amount of sweetness.


On the other side of the Go-To Shelves are the different coffee beans of Figaro. Where one can just grab a pack and go. Enabling everyone to enjoy Figaro’s coffee blend at the comfort of one’s home.


Figaro’s first 24- hour Cafe:
Address: Ground Floor, Taipan Place, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City
Contact Number: 02 5763236
Store Hours: Mondays to Saturdays – 24/7, closed on Sundays

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