Figaro Coffee: Serving You Good Coffee, Great Tasting Dishes And More.

The thing with Figaro is that it never ceases to amaze us.  From the simple fact that this coffee chain is actually Filipino-owned which most of us don’t even know due to its European-inspired interior and ambiance, to the fact that not only do they serve a great cup of Joe but also delicious-tasting dishes.

Now, there’s even more to look forward to and be excited about! Figaro recently revamped their menu and it couldn’t get any better.  A lot of us have already fallen in love with their pizza, pasta and rice meal dishes and now they have actually revamped their whole food menu and added even more awesome items on the roster.

For most of us, whenever we want a good cup of coffee, we simply go to a coffee shop. But when our stomach rumbles, we still need to find another place or restaurant to satisfy our hunger. Not with Figaro! Not only do they serve fresh, smooth and bold coffee but also great-tasting dishes from pastas, pizza, sandwiches, healthy salads, cakes and pastries, all at affordable and value-for-money prices.

It’s like whenever you dine with them, you won’t only be satisfying your caffeine need but also your food cravings as well. It’s a complete dining experience within your reach.

So without further ado, below are some of their new dishes to indulge yourself and devour.


1Asian Chicken Salad with Asian Dressing – A medley of crisp greens, red tomatoes, grilled chicken, sesame seeds, candied walnuts, parmesan cheese and sweet tangy Asian vinaigrette.


2. Mexican Taco Salad – This salad will give you a taste of famous Mexican nachos and more, as it is packed with fresh veggies, cheese, beef and jalapeno. You really won’t stop munching on this until it’s all gone.


3. BBQ Pulled Pork – We have fallen in love with this sandwich from the first moment we tried it. From the generous amount of tender pulled pork, to the fresh veggies and dressing, this one is definitely a MUST-TRY.


4. Gourmet Spanish Chorizo Burger – Made with a slab of juicy, thick, 100% Spanish chorizo meat and served with a side of potato chips, this is the perfect meal to satisfy your burger cravings.


5. BLT Croissant – This sandwich is truly remarkable because of the hefty amount of bacon and veggies plus the fact that the croissant is not only big but crispy and yummy too.


6. Five Cheese and Garlic Pizza – This 7.5 inch, thin crust pizza is surely a dish you should take note of when dining at Figaro. Packed with five different types of cheese and combined with garlic, it is indeed a cheesy and delicious pizza to munch on and share with friends and family.


7. Sweet Hawaiian Holiday Pizza – This pizza has a tangy and sweet barbeque sauce base and is loaded with hefty chunks of sweet ham and pineapple which make it simply appetizing. One slice will never be enough.


8. Italian Meatballs Bolognese – Everyone likes spaghetti especially if it’s this delicious and scrumptious. Made with Angel Hair pasta, big and chunky meatballs, this Italian favorite should be part of your list when hanging out at Figaro.


9. Pasta Ala Carlo – This pasta has been a long time best seller of Figaro and we truly understand why. It was already delicious and very appetizing even before they enhanced this dish. Imagine the taste now!


10. Chicken BBQ Skewers (Executive Lunch Sets) – Definitely one of the Executive Lunch meals to try. It’s juicy and tender chicken breast chunks laced with sweet barbecue sauce is undeniably appetizing.


11. Adobo Flakes Kare Kare (Executive Lunch Sets) – This dish is currently becoming an instant favorite and there is no explanation needed. Where else can you find a meal with Kare Kare and Adobo in one?


12. Magandang Umaga Platter – You will definitely start your day right if you had this platter for breakfast. Bacon and eggs are already heavenly. Add potato wedges, longganisa, veggies and ham to the mix! What more could you ask for?


13. Gourmet Spanish Chorizo Cubana – This is hands-down one of the best Cubanas we have ever tasted. Wanna know why? The smoky, roasted and flavorful taste of the Spanish chorizo perfectly compliments the fried bananas! You have to try it at your nearest Figaro.

Figaro Coffee has several branches within and outside the Metro but we were able to enjoy these fine dishes at their Tomas Morato Branch.

Figaro Coffee Tomas Morato Branch:

Address: Scout Lozano Corner Tomas Morato Avenue, Sacred Heart, Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Contact Number:  02 4104256
Store Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 7 AM to 12 Midnight, Sundays – 7 AM to 9 PM

Figaro Coffee Facebook: Figaro Coffee
Figaro Coffee Instagram: Figaro Coffee

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