Figaro’s New Drinks Media Launch 2016

Last Saturday, we had the chance to attend Figaro’s New Drinks Media Launch at their DBP Branch at Makati. It was a full house and tons of drinks were served. It was such a momentous event for Figaro because finally they will be releasing new drinks that we have been waiting for so long.


Below are  the 6 sets of drinks that we have sampled on and that will be officially available this October 15th.


Among the six sets, I couldn’t help but feel excited with the Matcha Madness and the Fruitfully Fantastic set. I was truly curious on Figaro’s version of these very popular drinks nowadays.


So we started with the Cozy up with your Favorites series namely Cafe Mocha, Hot Chocolate and Flat White.


I must say I really love them all. But what stands out in this group is their Hot Chocolate and Flat White. I have always been a fan of creamy and delicious Hot Chocolate and Figaro’s version is a true testament to that. I like my coffee not too sweet and not too bitter either and that I can taste the milky taste, Flat White simply is the exact drink for that.

After the Cozy up to your Favorites, was the Sweet Caramel Craze Set namely, Caramel Frappe, Caramel Macchiato and Iced Caramel Macchiato.


I simply love their Caramel Macchiato version, it’s just with the right amount of caramel sweetness that everyone will truly like.

Next set was the Get Nutty series, namely Almond Frappe, Almond Latte and Iced Macademia Latte.


This set proves to be very interesting to me, Almond Latte and Iced Macademia Latte was a tie for me. They both comforted my sweet tooth and yet the coffee taste that I’m addicted to, is still there.

I was really excited with the next set which was the Matcha Madness. It’s composed of Matcha Green Tea Latte, Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte and Matcha Green Tea Frappe.


I have always been a fan of Matcha so when I saw that Figaro finally join the trend, I was more than excited for their Matcha Green Tea Latte. And boy, I didn’t get disappointed. It was just the way I like it. The sweetness is very transparent and yet the hint of bitterness of the matcha green tea that we all love is still there.

Second to the last set was the Delight for More series. Consisting of White Chocolate Mocha, Butterscotch Vanilla Frappe and Butterscotch Vanilla Latte.


White Chocolate Mocha is clearly the winner in this set.  Ever since I have started drinking coffee, this variant has always been my favorite. And Figaro’s version of it is really very satisfying.

The last set of drinks that was  served was the non coffee based drinks. Which will be good for both the young and the old crowd. It’s the Fruitfully Fantastic series, namely Banana Caramel Blast, Wild Strawberries, Mixed Berries and Forest Blueberry.


From this series, what stands  out for me is the Banana Caramel Blast and the Wild Strawberries. I just love how flavorful and fruity the taste of these drinks are. Kids, teens and soon to be moms will surely enjoy these fruity series.

Overall, the event was such a huge success. With all the media and press people present during the launch, I am sure people are excited now, more than ever to try on all the great drinks that Figaro has to offer.


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