Filipino Food to Pair with Korean Soju

Filipino and Korean ties go way back. Historically speaking, the two countries have shared their culture with and gave a helping hand to each other. Nowadays, Filipinos could not deny their admiration for Korea, especially with the surge of KPop, Korean drama, and everything in between those. Filipinos are singing and dancing to Korean songs, going all heart eyes and googly eyes to Korean idols, and definitely crushing on Korean actors and actresses too.

However, that’s not all that Filipinos love about Korea, because alongside that, Filipinos have grown to love Korean food too. We mean who wouldn’t, right? Watching our fave Korean dramas, we can’t help but drool over the dishes they are eating as well, such as Korean Fried Chicken, Kimchi, and don’t even get us started on their famous Samgyeopsal. And you know what else we noticed that pairs well with all this? It’s Soju!

Apparently, Soju is big on Korea that we could see them having a bottle or more regardless if they have something to celebrate or even cry about — and that’s one of the things Filipinos could relate to. Being able to see this type of attitude do not only make Filipinos feel closer to their Korean idols and biases, but drinking their hearts out and having a fun time is something Filipinos are good at as well!

With a curiosity like a cat and a love for a good time, we just weren’t able to stop ourselves from trying out Soju, specifically JINRO Soju, with a few of our favorite dishes that are no doubt ours. You know us, we love combining two things and making something exceptional as a result.

JINRO Soju continues to be a pillar in spreading Korean drinking culture globally, including Philippines. They are well-loved not only because of the wonderful experience they promise, but also because they surely have something for everyone as they have different yummy flavors up for grabs!

If you are for something classic and clean, then JINRO’s Chamisul Original and Chamisul Fresh are two wonderful variants for you, but if you are up for something fruity or maybe even more fun, then you better be on the lookout for JINRO’S Grapefruit, Green Grape, Plum, and Strawberry! These awesome flavors by JINRO Soju surely could be great with a few Filipino dishes, as we have mentioned, and that’s what we want to talk more about with you guys.

JINRO Chamisul Fresh Soju with Filipino-Style Spaghetti

Loud and proud, we have decided to pair JINRO Chamisul Fresh with one of our favorites, our Filipino-Style Spaghetti. We loved how JINRO Chamisul Original could wash away the sweetness of the Spaghetti we had making our palate ready for more of that the same sweetness again. Our supper was extra flavorful and fun all thanks to JINRO Chamisul Fresh. Truly, it’s like we were having a party!

Flavored Soju, specifically JINRO Strawberry Soju, with Fried Chicken

Meanwhile, we also had Fried Chicken with that and this dish we paired with JINRO Green Grape and Strawberry — two flavored sojus, yes! The spices and seasonings used in our Fried Chicken went really great with JINRO Green Grape and Strawberry. The fruity tones of these two flavoured sojus balanced the tastiness of the Fried Chicken and that’s why we enjoyed this pairing too.

Indeed, a lot of Filipino dishes would go well with any JINRO Soju variants. We got to try three of those variants with Filipino-Style Spaghetti and Fried Chicken, and so it is your time to find out what other Filipino yummies would go great with your choice of JINRO Soju! And while you are at it, make sure you are ready to have some fun!

For more information about JINRO Soju, you can check them out on their Socials – Facebook and Instagram – and Website. Enjoy!

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