Filipino Okonomiyaki, Dohtonbori’s Most Ambitious Crossover Yet!

Get a taste of #TheFilipinoOkonomiyakiExperience this Buwan ng Wika!

Deciding on a restaurant to eat with friends, family or even your date starts with agreeing on a cuisine. More often than not, the go-to international choices are Korean (thanks to the rising trend of samgyupsal), Chinese or the widely popular option— Japanese. More often than not, ramen and sushi are the popular choices for this particular Asian cuisine, but this time, the underrated Okonomiyaki takes center stage!

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake featuring a mixture of minced cabbage, strips of meat or seafood, tempura bits, spring onions— all tied together with an egg. It is then mixed together and cooked on a grill pan in front of you until it becomes a nice, golden brown hue. The finishing touches come in the form of a sour-salty Okonomiyaki sauce that tastes similar to the sauce you’d find on a pork cutlet (tonkatsu), some creamy Japanese mayonnaise, along with seaweed (nori) powder and fishy bonito flakes.

This August, Dohtonbori adds a creative twist to this staple dish by introducing local elements that fuse together the best of Filipino and Japanese cuisine. Taking inspiration from three of the country’s most popular dishes, Dohtonbori celebrates Buwan ng Wika—the month of the Filipino language— with something close to home:

Kare-Kare Okonomiyaki

A beefy stew known for its nutty flavors, Kare-kare is often prepared with oxtail, vegetables and a vivid yellow orange sauce. Dohtonbori gives this Pinoy favorite an upgrade by using strips of beef for their meat, along with the addition of eggplant and crisp string beans to go in the pancake. The classic okonomiyaki sauce is then replaced with a creamy peanut sauce— topped with tangy bagoong and an extra helping of finely-chopped peanuts.

Bicol Express Okonomiyaki

Bicol Express gets its name from the train service that travels from Manila to Bicol— a region known for its fiery dishes. But don’t be fooled. This stew is the meatier sister of laing, sans the intense heat. Using coconut milk (gata), along with diced pieces of pork, string beans, shrimp paste and other ingredients that give it a creamy and savory flavor, the Bicol Express Okonomiyaki comes with a spicy kick. Not a fan of hot stuff? You can adjust based on preference based on the amount (or lack) of chili you add to the mix.

Sisig Okonomiyaki

Did you know that this Kapampangan dish was commonly eaten by pregnant women to satisfy their cravings? That’s because they enjoy the sour-salty taste of sisig. While there are many varieties of sisig in restaurants, Dohtonbori’s version goes right on top of their classic okonomiyaki. Aside from the satisfying sizzling pork, the Sisig Okonomiyaki comes with an extra egg on top that oozes liquid gold when cut in the middle. And as sinful as it sounds, it even comes with a helping of fried pork fat on top.

Eating out is now a breeze with these new options! Enjoy these limited-edition Filipino Okonomiyaki dishes from August 17 to September 17 in a Dohtonbori branch near you.

Dohtonbori is located at Greenhills, SM North EDSA, SM Mall of Asia, UP Town Center, SM Fairview and SM Megamall. Stay updated with their menu and latest promos by visiting them on Facebook or Instagram.

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