Find out what Blue Food actually is here at Adhara Eco Boutique Resort’s atSea Restaurant

In the midst of a stressful week, month, year, or maybe even life, take a break and dine while delighting in a coastal kind of feel with Adhara Eco Boutique Resort’s atSea Restaurant.

Experience their Blue Food which stands for eco-conscious and sustainable food, inspired from the surrounding waters in the area as their food are not only good for the palate but also for the blue planet we all live in.

Take a plunge into this blue food craze with their Adhara Quesadilla that is a plate of quesadillas filled with a mix of adobo flakes, green pepper, red onion, and chili, topped with melted mozzarella, and served with pico de gallo.

After getting teased by how flavorful the waves are, go for their mains like the Pork Liempo which is a hearty serving of two bamboo dish holders — one filled with rice, topped with marinated and grilled pork, while the other hold three dips namely chopped garlic and chopped parsley, pico de gallo, and chili soy vinaigrette.

Follow that one with their tasty Homestyle Fried Chicken which is a serving of marinated-and-fried-until-golden-brown chicken breast strips with yummy mayonnaise for a dip.

And while you are at it, do not forget to have their Beef Bulalo which is a huge bowl of tenderize beef shanks, carrots, sitaw, sweet corn, Chinese pechay, and noodles all submerged in tasty bulalo soup, and topped with boiled egg.

For something sweet to remember, you are to absolutely love their Adhara Pancake which is a gorgeous plate of two pieces of delectable pancake sandwiching a luscious spread of cream, topped and surrounded with mangoes and papaya in small cubes alongside slices of banana.

Lastly, another sweet thing to top this all off, have something fresh and lovely by getting their Fruit Bowl. This one is a revitalizing and at the same time healthy mix of mango cubes, papaya, dry coconut, nuts & almonds or chia, and granola all beautifully plated in a coconut shell bowl, together with a serving of creamy smoothie to mix in.

Truly, Adhara Eco Boutique Resort’s atSea Restaurant brings you a serene ambiance alongside locally sourced food as they support local farmers in order to help more people by growing together with them.

All the dishes served totally brought warmth and comfort in each mouthful we had, truly lifting up the heaviness we have been carrying on our shoulders from all the tiresome weeks we had working and all. Not only are dishes delicious, but also these ones are actually their new releases, so be sure to try them out as well!

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