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Following your dreams might be easy for some, but for others, it also means dropping everything you have been comfortable with and instead taking a huge leap of faith as you belive not only in your idea, but also because you believe in yourself and what you can actually do. Following your dreams is a risky path to take, especially when it means putting up your own business, going back to square one, and learning every possible thing there is to learn as you go into the path that you have always wanted and dreamt of walking on.

Sweet Success is what you surely will be reaping when you have finally reached your dreams and coincidentally this is also the name of the shop that came about, all because the owners decided to follow their dreams — and that is to keep the tradition of delighting kids and adults alike with their delectable treats!

One of their delectable treats that we have gotten a taste of is their bestselling Ensaymada Quezo De Bola (Box of 6 Php 540). Sweet Success’ take on this classic Filipino pastry is soft and moist, using only premium ingredients and not being stingy about it either. Indulge in a heavenly mix of butter, sugar, and quezo de bola — truly an equation that will lead to a great merienda or whenever you just want to have a delightful time.

Other than their Ensaymada Quezo de Bola, Sweet Success has a lot of other bestselling products, mostly are of pastries that would easily be adored by anyone who has a loving relationship with food. Their baked treats are truly a fabulous goodie for any occasion or even for everyday.

If you want something that is just perfect for when you just want to go munching, their Double Chocolate Banana Loaf, different Lengua de Chat variants, Bitesized Cookies, as well as Meringue Bars are sure a hit. However, if you are on the hunt for something more indulgent, do not even think twice and go for their Mocha Chiffon Buttercream Cake, Rainbow Sprinkle Cake, or Chocolate Pecan Cake.

Sweet Success truly is not sweet success for nothing. Their name goes beyond of what they have to offer as they actually started in catering which they later on streamlined into baking.

You can check more of their yummy creation on their Facebook and Instagram Pages, or you can just go straight to their Website to not only know more about them, but also to order whatever Sweet Success creation you have drooled over.

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