Find your new Pinoy food favorites in Savor Park Cafe in Makati

The usual Filipino food is usually a variety of influences from different countries such as Spanish, Chinese, Malay, Indian, American and many more. Coming from these inspirations we came up to signature dishes like adobo (usually chicken or pork marinated in a soy-vinegar base) and lechon (roasted pig).

Filipino cuisine goes beyond meat, though. People appreciate seafood dishes as well as vegetables and even fruit. Since the country is very wealthy of spices, we can cook almost everything from delicious bowls of soup and plates of crispy-fried produce.


Since Filipino favorites are usually served all over each and every area in Manila, some of us are honestly getting tired of everything “Pinoy”. “Sabaw nanaman?”, “Kanin nanaman?”, “Ugh, laging nalang isda!” So we tend to try foreign restos that offer something we can describe as “dun sa bago naman!” While there are people who seek something new for their taste, almost everyone still will never get tired of morning tuyo at itlog, kare-kare for lunch, and crispy pata and nilagang baboy for dinner.



“Savor Park Café” is a name to connote that the food is tasty and flavorful. This family-owned restaurant first opened in 2012, inspired by Filipino cuisine. They really are foodies, and since Pinoy food is not a trend within the area, they ventured to food business and took risk with Ilonggo dishes they grew up with. The family also owns and manages Vanilla Bean Café, which specialized pastries, desserts, and coffee.


Our experience with Savor Park Cafe was great. The What To Eat team tried a loooot of dishes which we all loved. One of those was the Sinampalukang Hipon (*339php). Not to confused with Sinigang, the soup was actually coconut juice gently soured with fresh sampalok.


If you are in a Filipino restaurant, you should always try their version of kare-kare. Savor Kare-kare (*459php) was one of the best we ever tasted. They used toasted peanuts and ground rice for sauce which made it more yummy.


We also loved their Crackling Pork Binagoongan (*329php) – pork cubes flavored with their very own bagoong mix.

Other than the favorites, we also tried the following:


Roasted Cocomilk Chicken (*399php) – spring Chicken braised and later roasted in cocomilk and chiles for the delectible flavor and tenderness.



Tokwa’t Baboy at Pancit Palabok Combo – pork and tofu served with say-vinegar mix, and a noodle dish topped tasty sauce and crushed home-made chicharon.


Spanish Style Bangus Belly Sardines (*319php) – succulent bangus belly braised in olive oil and brandy, flavored with olives, whole Pickles, and chiles.


Pinangat (*239php) – gabi leaves slow cooked in coconut cream with hints of sweetness and a lot of spice, balanced with shrimp.


Pusit Tisay (*359php) – an unusual white adobo with squid as the main ingredient.


Shrimp and Pork Tortang Talong – minced pork and bits of shrimp covering a delectable eggplant omelette.


Cowboy Sisig – a funny name coming from cow and “baboy” – got the humor? Haha! Done with the traditional way of braising, grilling and finally sautéing the beef and bork meats to achieve sisig perfection.


Munggo Sabaw Sosyalmunggo with chorizo bits, shrimp, and chicharon, flavored with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Of course, the perfect lunch was wrapped-up with their yummiest desserts, Savor Maruya (an upscale version of battered plantains with shreds of sweetened langka, deep-fried and topped with vanilla ice cream, Dulce de Leche, and chocolate sauce. We also has the Crack Sundae, which is actually some kind of ice cream cake and is very delightful.

Savor Park Cafe is located at *Ground Level, Adamson Center Building, 121 L. P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City. Open at 9AM to 9PM on weekdays and 9AM to 6PM on Saturdays. View their full menu on Zomato (Savor Park Cafe), and follow them on IG (@savorparkcafe) and Facebook (Savor Park Cafe Filipino Cuisine) for more details and updates!

*rates and location as of July, 2018

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