#FindingDelicious Only At Sevy’s Beignets

Pastries really have the power to uplift you, don’t they? There is just something about them that is absolutely comforting and makes you warm inside. Pastries can truly be a taste of heaven on earth and we don’t even have a clue that we’re already getting a taste of that heavenly promise.

Speaking of a heavenly experience, if you haven’t tried beignet, specifically Sevy’s Beignets, then you surely should get your hands on them fast, because this one just might be baked by angels themselves. Not familiar with beignets? Worry not as Beignets are lovely pillows of fried yeasted dough buried under an avalanche of powdered sugar. Also, it is a cross between a profiterole and a classic doughnut, so with a beignet, you are not only having the time of your life with one pastry, but a mishmash of two.

With Sevy’s Beignets, you will definitely be #FindingDelicious one authentic beignet at a time! Currently, they have five delectable flavors up for grabs and we are here to talk about each variant with you, so you could decide which one tickles your taste buds or if you just want to have them all!

Their Original Beignets (1 Dozen Box Php 210 | 2 Dozen Box Php 395) is of classic New Orleans-style beignets covered with powdered sugar alongside a tinge of cinnamon. If you are still finding your way through all this beignet goodness, you might want to start with this one since nothing really could beat a classic!

Meanwhile, if you are a fan of chocolate, Sevy’s Beignets has two wonderful chocolate-flavored beignets for you. Their Hot Chocolate (1 Dozen Box Php 315 | 2 Dozen Box Php 610) will undeniably bring you the kind of comfort that a warm cup of hot cocoa could provide you as this choice of beignet is glazed with their signature Tablea Ganache and smothered with hot chocolate powder. Their second chocolate-flavored Beignet is none other than their White Chocolate Almond (1 Dozen Box Php 385 | 2 Dozen Box Php 740) which is a delightful blend of nutty and sweet taste as this one is covered in soothing white chocolate topped with crispy toasted almond slivers.

As the first three beignets are leaning more into the sweet side, you could bet that these last two flavors that we are to share with you is a mix of savory and sweet. Their Maple Bacon (1 Dozen Box Php 370 | 2 Dozen Box Php 710) is such a wonderful treat for all your senses as this is coated with their rich maple glaze and topped with crispy bacon bits; while their Queso de Bola (1 Dozen Box Php 210 | 2 Dozen Box Php 395) is another Sevy’s Beignets classic but coated with a delicious cream cheese glaze and generously covered with luscious quezo de bola.

Everything in Sevy’s Beignets just really sounds exquisite, right? Well, believe us that their beignets don’t only sound exquisite, but really are exquisite. Each bite is a splendid surprise that is like a warm hug for your heart and palate. Experience next level comfort with Sevy’s Beignets by getting yourself a box or two of their well-loved beignets which you can order through their Socials – Facebook and Instagram.

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