Finn & Coco’s will embrace you in homemade pastries filled with love and warmth

Finn & Coco’s is a local business that provides homemade goodies baked with love by a self-proclaimed tita. The homey vibe that you will be getting from your screen when you check them out online will have you wrapped around with warmth and comfort.

They may have started out with just oh-so-delicious cookies, but now they also have a number of other products that will make you want them even more. Their Ube Revel Bars (Box of 15 Php 550) will have you addicted with its crunchy, chewy exterior and mouthwatering, gooey ube filling. Every bite of this ubelicious revel bar will have you revelling in deliciousness you will never get tired of.

Another goodie by Finn and Coco’s that you will not get tired of having is their crowd favorite Calamansi Muffins (Box of 6 Php 360 | Box of 12 Php 600). These ones have the right balance between refreshing and sweet and you will no doubt enjoy each soft and crumbly bite you will be doing.

As you continue to gobble down your yummy choices from Finn & Coco’s, you better grab yourselves some bottles of their Roasted Horchata (500ml Php 220 | 1l Php 400) too. This bottled drink is well-loved by many as it pairs really well with any of the baked goodies made by Finn & Coco’s. Remember to shake this one well and that this is best served chilled.

Finn & Coco’s really has it going when they say their treats are made with love, because being loved is what you will be getting in whatever goodie of theirs you will be having. To order, you can check them out on their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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