Flora, Fauna, and a whole lot of Fun: The Donatela Hotel is a botanical garden resort tucked away for your much needed rest and tranquility

Bohol is not only famous for the well-known, deliciously named hills called Chocolate Hills as well as the undeniably cute, wide-eyed second smallest primate in the world, the Philippine Tarsier, but also of its white sand beaches and world-class diving sites that would surely satisfy your search for either peace or thrill… or maybe even both!

With a ton of beautiful sites in Bohol, you might want to start with Panglao, it having a lot of soothing, crisp beaches being attractive to both local Filipino and foreign visitors alike. Having a lot of beaches highlighting the refreshing life you could enjoy, Alona Beach might just be a favorite of many as this one is of not only one and a half kilometer long, but also of fine, white coral sand. Plus, it has waters almost as clear as a crystal, making small colored fish visible as they swim in and out of sea grasses.

Bahol Panglao Beaches being famous on its own already, specifically Alona Beach, it is undeniable how resorts and hotels alike have sprung up right along it or near it, much like the Donatela Hotel which is tucked away in a lush botanic garden, perfect for rest and tranquility.

Donatela Hotel is a 7.5 hectare property and is a 12 villa boutique resort; each villa created to organically blend into a botanical garden, giving every guest plenty of privacy without sacrificing taste and comfort. Built with nature in mind, Donatela encourages their guests to actually explore in order to see and experience not only the plants, but also the animals that call the beautiful resort their home.

With nature being the first thought in building this beaut, most of the trees when the property was developed were actually retained, truly still standing up to this day; and to fully merge each villa into the botanical garden that is this resort, each was designed basing from the traditional Philippine Ifugao house concept that are to be spot on mostly in the Northern part of the country, while the interiors were created with design and convenience that the guests will really take pleasure in.

And of course, to fully enjoy the splendid view that is the Alona Beach, have a wonderful dining experience at Paprika, the elegant oceanfront restaurant of Donatela Hotel, highlighting a wide spacious place for all hungry folks alongside a taste of not only Asian and Filipino, but also of International flavors.

Other than that, Donatela Hotel also has Exotika Terrace & Grill Restaurant which is two kilometers from the resort, just near the beach by the shuttle, proud for their pizza oven, salads, and grilled meats and seafood which you can all devour either indoors, up in The Treehouse, or outdoors in the patio while you can delight in the sea breeze.

Donatela Hotel has so much to offer than just the beach, the botanical garden feel, and the delectable goodies, as they also have some activities you will definitely take on, just like horseback riding, scuba diving at the world class Balicasag Island or along their shoreline, speedboat trip, banana boats, island picnics, and watersports!

Hands down, Donatela Hotel is such a wonder to explore and enjoy, so be quick, schedule your next getaway trip to Bohol and be sure to be able to indulge in this jaw dropping beauty of a resort that is of flora and fauna!

Official Website: https://www.donatelahotel.com/

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