Food Centric: Tipple and Slaw’s Slaw Indie Cafe is pairing up your fave go-to drink of theirs with their tasty delicacies

Tipple and Slaw is a name familiar already, especially to the BGC crowd. It has served as a go-to drinking place for people looking for a good time, but wait up, because now, not only can BGC enjoy them, but also Katipunan as they recently opened their second branch there.

But then again, aside from drinking, what others do not know is that Tipple and Slaw also have food that are more than just good, and that is the highlight of their branch in Katipunan which they are planning to call as Slaw Indie Café, giving the limelight more to their delectable dishes.

Green Curry Tahong (Php 285)
Peeking Chicken Salad (Php 280)

Fuel up with an appetizer of theirs as well as a salad. The Green Curry Tahong (Php 285) is a serving of imported mussels in green curry cream with garlic bread and the Peeking Chicken Salad (Php 280) which is of grilled chicken, peaches, toasted cashews, hoisin sesame dressing, blue cheese, and fried garlic crumbs. Both a lovely way to start with.

Peri-Peri Grilled Chicken (1 piece Php 195 | 2 piece Php 285)
KFC (1 piece Php 250 | 2 piece Php 330)
Dirty Steak

Deciding to fuel up more, get a load of their meaty mains such as their Peri-Peri Grilled Chicken (1 piece Php 195 | 2 piece Php 285) which is a hearty plate of zesty, flavorful boneless chicken thigh with peri sauce and corn on the side, their KFC (1 piece Php 250 | 2 piece Php 330) which is their ever-loved Katipunan style fried chicken with gravy and creamy mashed potato on the side, and their newest addition, the Dirty Steak which is of tender meat, sauteed mushroom and onions, with herbs.

Dirty Wings (Php 350)

If having those chicken dishes made you want for more, then you are to be incredibly happy as they have Dirty Wings (Php 350) from their Bar Chow selection. This one is of crispy chicken wings with dry spice, chicken skin, and spike honey – such a favorite, so to say!

Shawarma Rice (Php 220)
Spicy Salmon Poke Bowl (Php 280)

From protein, grab some carbs as Tipple and Slaw’s Slaw Indie Cafe has sumptuous rice meals and pastas for you to delight in. Their Shawarma Rice (Php 220) which is a hefty plate of angus beef shawarma, curry rice, grilled onions, with salsa and their Spicy Salmon Poke Bowl (Php 280) which is a serving of salmon sashimi with spicy dressing are just a few of their rice meals.

Seafood Aglio (Php 380)

Meanwhile, from their pasta dishes, a must-try is their Seafood Aglio (Php 380). This one is packed with fresh seafood, sun-dried tomato, shrimp oil, clam juice, and herbs.

Smores (Php 120)

All those savories will make you crave for something sweet; good thing they have Smores (Php 120) which is chocolate covered vanilla ice cream, with toasted mallows and marshmallow fluff. This one also has a matcha variant which will surely be loved by matcha fans.

Tipple Iced Tea (Php 80 )
Melon Yakult Juice (Php 80)
Passsionfruit Iced Tea (Php 80)

For more refreshing goodness, you are to adore their fabulous juices such as their Tipple Iced Tea (Php 80), their Passsionfruit Iced Tea (Php 80), and our ultimate fave, their Melon Yakult Juice (Php 80).

Truly, Tipple and Slaw has been known in regards to their drinks and now that their Slaw Indie Café is centered on food without of course, losing its touch to its drinks, many have been indulging and enjoying their time with them even more and you definitely should, too!

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Featured Branch: Tipple and Slaw Katipunan Branch

Address: The Pop Up, Katipunan Avenue corner, Xavierville Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0917 702 0756

Hours of Operation: Sundays to Thursdays, 11AM to 2AM, Fridays and Saturdays, 11AM to 4AM

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