Food is Good, but Comfort Food is the Best Food and that’s what D Bistro has for you

DSC08795Just three months into giving the best they got to offer, we could say D Bistro is definitely THE Bistro you will keep coming back to. Pristine white walls embellished with amazing artworks, silver chairs to soothe the tired you, and bright lights that give the whole place a warm, homey feel to it, this is the kind of place you would be wanting to stay in for hours, if not the rest of your life.


The menu is a mishmash of classics with more than just a twist – some dishes tweaked and enhanced by the chefs themselves, other dishes are from years and years old of family recipes, all dishes just downright awesome and delicious. With our night just about to start, D Bistro welcomed us like a long time friend – with solace and affection.


With fond smiles, our first dish was Palabok con Gata (Php 290), an original recipe of the Grandmother of one of the owners. Served with Vermicelli noodles topped with pork and shrimps cooked in annatto oil, garnished with vegetables, chicharon for that extra fun crunch, and slices of boiled egg, this colorful dish is a merienda favorite in their humble Pampanga home, using flavorsome gata sauce – which is coconut milk – instead of the traditional sauce.


As pleasantries have started, we further dug into D Bistro’s Lutong Juice (Php 360), a simple dish that has a perfect balance of sweet and savory. This is the Kapampangan version of Pork Hamonado. You might be wondering why it is called Lutong Juice; well, the answer to that is because the scrumptious pork leg was cooked in a mixture of pineapple and soy sauce – a delectable combination that put more conversation into the table.


The next dish we had while small talk was being done was Pandan Rice (Php 320). Glutinous rice slowly cooked in gata (coconut milk), infused with pandan, served with chicken, chorizo, raisins, boiled eggs, and bell peppers. This is D Bistro’s take on the classic Paella; with the rice being infused with pandan leaves, this dish is oozing with a unique enchanting aroma, while the chicken and chorizo adds a savory taste to the dish.


Speaking of classics, this dish we are to talk about surely is one which many Filipinos note as their favorite, but as the chefs of D Bistro see themselves as innovators, they tweaked this famous dish by cooking it more than once. The Twice Cooked Adobo (Php 280) is cooked Kapampangan style, then seared, giving it a persuasive aroma and taste. Cooking Adobo in two different ways is a risky thing to do, but it makes the flavor more potent and satisfying. As the pork and chicken are marinated and cooked in vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic, then seared; this dish is a filling one, especially this is served with rice over a yummy, cute egg net.


Another classic Filipino dish D Bistro is offering is the Pork Binagoongan (Php 270). It is pork sautéed in tomato and stewed in shrimp paste, served with rice and drizzled with gata (coconut milk). The shrimp paste in this authentic Filipino recipe gives the dish a dominant and distinct flavor, seamlessly paired with pork.

Coming your way are two variants of another Filipino dish with a twist – the Sinigang. This dish is a Filipino soup or stew distinguished by its sour and savory taste that bring nostalgia to almost every Filipino far away from their families and/or loved ones.


The first Sinigang dish we tried was the Sizzling Sinigang na Bangus (Php 270); this no meat dish is simply delicious. With milk fish (bangus) and vegetables broth, this is a perfect way to give into a sour craving. Plus, this one is a healthy option because fish is known to be high in omega and less in calorie which gives you the chance to enjoy a hearty meal without the guilt gnawing in your chest.


The other Sinigang variant is D Bistro’s Sizzling Crispy Pork Sinigang (Php 199). This one is for the you-only-live-once people. With tender, crispy pork chunks, rather than the bangus, this dish is certainly for the brave and adventurous. Also, this dish is part of D Bistro 199 Meals – these are pocket-friendly meals, but don’t worry because D Bistro made sure they aren’t compromising the taste, nor the experience you will get to have in every 199 meal.


Another dish from D Bistro 199 Meals is actually a favorite of ours – proof that regardless of having a budget friendly price, D Bistro is putting their best in their kitchen to your table. D Bistro’s Goto Papaitan is a recipe made by one of their chefs, an Ilocano chef at that, so you’ll get that authentic Ilocano cooking which people have loved for years. We, indeed, are hands down for this dish as it is bursting with different flavors – bitter, sour, and spicy.

As everyone is having a great time, we didn’t think our D Bistro experience would get any better than this, but then again, we spoke too soon. Not only is D Bistro great with their mains, but their desserts are heavenly as well.


Champorado Crumble (Php 150) transpired as the owner has a family member in love with the classic champorado, but tweaking it akin to the concept of New York cheesecake. This dish is a marriage between Filipino champorado, a sweet rice porridge, and cookie crumble base. This is absolutely a combination you don’t want to miss! The chocolate rice porridge was made into a cake which then was rested on a bed of cookie crumble, drizzled with sweetened milk, and garnished with white chocolate shaving and gold candies.


Following that stunning dessert is D Bistro’s Bread Pudding (Php 150). This is a recipe of their Lola Zeny that will without doubt fill your sweet appetite. It is a recipe that has been with the family for more than a century which has made it their total go to comfort food and divine family snack. It’s a combination of bread, eggs, milk, and sugar which makes one escape into a little moment of happiness. Served with macapuno ice cream and chocolate cinnamon dip, this dessert is a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy.


To top this all off, we had the Ginataang Mais Bites with Tapioca Crackers (Php 150). These adorable bite-size ginataang mais is served with crackers made out of tapioca to give it a different texture and flavor in every spoonful you take. A sweet mishmash of glutinous rice, coconut milk, and corn, with the addition of tapioca crackers, it would be a mistake not to try this one! Also, hats off for the chefs because of the patience they have in making the tapioca crackers.

Aiming for comfort and believing in providing legendary service, it’s amazing how D Bistro is doing a great job in achieving their ambition, considering there are still so young, being three months in operation. A glance at what they are offering, you will initially see how much thought and effort each of them have exerted so as to serve their purpose. Almost everything made from scratch, giving some classics some makeover; we cannot stress out how dedicated and excellent every one of them is in their craft.

With this we have no more to say, other than give this splendid restaurant a shot in giving you an exquisite dining experience you won’t forget. Bring your friends and/or family, have a date with your dearest, or just treat yourself, because here in D Bistro is where food becomes comfort – more than comfort even, if you may.

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Address: Ground Floor, Ace Hotel & Suites, United Street Corner Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact Number: +63 9672461558
Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays – 12PM to 11PM

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